Afaemena Igwemba a.k.a Klint da Drunk and his wifeComedian and actor, Afaemena Igwemba a.k.a Klint da Drunk and his wife, Lilien give an insight into what makes their six-year-old marriage tick

How long have you been married?

Klint: We thank God for the journey so far because we have been married for six happy years.

How did you meet?

Lilien: We met in Jos, where I used to reside. Not like we planned to meet but it just happened. According to my husband, when he saw me, he told his friend, ‘That is my wife, I will marry that girl.’

Did you entertain any fears about dating and later marrying someone in the limelight?

Lilien: No profession is sacred. Even if you are marrying a doctor or a lawyer, the most important thing is knowing your partner and trusting God. For me, I was not scared at all because we were friends for a long while and that had gave me the opportunity to study him real good.

What was the attraction?

Lilien: I knew the real him, not what everybody sees when he is performing on stage. At home, he is my husband and father to our children. When we were dating, there was no airs around him. He was very down-to-earth and that made me love him more. In addition, what truly attracted me to him is his heart. Klint is the nicest and kindest man on earth and I do not mean to flatter him. He has a heart of gold and I had always told God I want a man that will cherish our children and me.

Was there any opposition?

Lilien: My parents never opposed our decision to get married. They did not even mind the fact that he is an entertainer. Once they realised that he is a focused, young man and he was serious about me, they gave us their blessing. My husband is a very likeable person.

Klint: My parents fell in love with her over the phone, before they even met her in person. That is the kind of person my wife is.

When there are challenges, how do you resolve them?

Klint: No marriage is perfect and every marriage has its ups and downs. We have had our own fair share but we never go to bed angry. Things have been made easier because I am married to my best friend and that is one good advice I will give to every intending bride and groom. Marriage has been an added blessing for me.

What do you think has sustained your union?

Lilien: For a marriage to succeed, it takes a lot of conscious effort on the part of the two people involved. You have to be determined to make it work. Our number one secret is understanding. We are not just friends but great friends and we understand each other. Nobody understands my husband like I do. In addition, every good wife must be a prayer warrior because prayer is the best weapon. You can win many battles with prayers and a praying family stays together.

How do you resolve your challenges?

Lilien: We always apologise to each other whenever one does any wrong to the other. I am not too big to aplogise and neither is he. Saying sorry and meaning it when you have wronged your spouse goes a long way in bringing about stability in your marriage.

Apart from being his wife, what else do you do?

Lilien: I am a wife and mother to two wonderful boys. That is a job I truly enjoy doing and I run my personal business.

Do you sometimes wish he was not in the limelight?

Lilien: That wish comes once in a blue moon. There are times I wish both of us can do some things like normal people would without raising eyebrows which a lot of times, is not the case. Being in the limelight is restrictive somehow but I thank God for who my spouse is. It is a blessing for us.

How romantic is Klint?

Lilien: My husband is very romantic and that is another reason I fell for him. He makes a lot of romantic gestures that just melts my heart.

What is the most memorable gift you have received from him?

Lilien: Over the years, we have exchanged numerous wonderful gifts. It is so much that we have lost count. Before we got married and started having children, my best gift used to be the very first car he bought for me. Then, we were still dating and I did not expect him to buy but right now, the greatest gift from him is, being the best father ever to our children.

Is he also humorous at home?

Lilien: Klint is a very funny man in and out of the house. He just takes humour everywhere he goes and as such, there is no dull moment with him.

What has marriage added to you?

Lilien: It has made me more mature, patient, tolerant, disciplined, and very prayerful too.

As a couple how do you unwind?

Lilien: We try to hang out when he is less busy. We also spend quality family time together with the kids. Thankfully, in spite of his busy schedule, he is a hands-on father and husband. His family is very important to him and he is always there when we need him. In that area, he does not fail.

What pet names do you have for each other?

Lilien: He has a ‘secret’ pet name for me that truly melts my heart. It so funny how much magic that name works when he addresses me by it.

Klint: I would not disclose what she calls me either.

How did you spend the last Valentine’s Day?

Lilien: He is hardly in town on Valentine’s Day because of work. He usually has to perform at one function or the other. Besides, everyday is Valentine for us since we never stop showing each other love. To say that we set aside one day to celebrate love is not the case. I show him love every day, hour, minute and seconds and he does the same to me.


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