18At a time when the federal government of Nigeria is investing heavily in rebranding the perceived battered image of hers, the likes of a Nigerian singer based in Italy, Romeo is doing everything possible to contribute to the betterment of Nigeria by. Doing something very meaningful for himself.

The R&B and Afro-hip pop singer is really flying the Green White Green flag of Nigeria high in the ‘mafians’ land.

He has also performed in various parts of Europe along side some top Nigerian acts. His music has also fetched him an award in Europe.

The handsome singer, who has a recording company, has now dropped two new singles which he hopes to finally launch him as a household brand in his father’s land.

To this effect, he hopes ‘Halleluya’ and ‘Mama’ shoots him to the top as an artiste to be reckoned with in the music industry in Nigeria.


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