2It’s no longer a story that Tonto Dikeh’s song has become a topic of discussion recently. The Nollywood diva who recently had a chat with a female blogger confessed that though she loves her acting career, she is not in any way going to jump into music full time. ‘’I love my acting career and I don’t see myself jumping into full time music. I am however shooting the musical video of my songs,I will not let the hating stop me, ’’ she said.

Tonto also said that despite the critics and bad belle syndrome, her song has received a thumb up from youtube withing a week for 5.2m downloads. ‘’ The most unanticipated and hated song became the most talked about,most controversial,most downloaded and of course the most listened song. I feel great, no regrets.!’’

You have heard it all, Tonto seems not deterred by whatever anyone says about her incursion into music world. Despite the monstrous negative response, this is what the delectable actress said ‘’ I love music and I wanted to do my own thing, to contribute my own music. I listened to my songs over and over again and I told myself I did well. In all, I see only the positivity in it, I made History. People’s opinion of how my music was has further strengthened my belief that dreams die when you let the next man’s opinion get to you and I am using now to pass a message to everyone out there, if you can just do it. Don’t let anyone’s opinion kill whatever dream you have or try to stop you from taking the next step. ‘’

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