Actor John Dumelo is certainly doing very well in his chosen career as an actor but he says his biggest dream was to actually become a gynecologist.

“I wanted to be a gynecologist to take care of women of course but going through my secondary and university education, I sort of knew I will get myself into the entertainment industry but not necessarily acting. I studied engineering at the university,” John told Claudia Lumor of Glitz Africa Celebrity Magazine.

In that interview, John also talked about rumors that he is gay. “It is normal because of the fact that I’ve done two or three movies where my character was gay so people will probably think like that but I guess it is also because I played the role well. The fact that you play a character well doesn’t mean you are like the character, besides movies are made to be educative and entertaining so you know what gay people go through. I love women.”

John Dumelo also told Glitz Magazine that though people often speculated that he and Yvonne Nelson were dating, it was not true because they were just ordinary friends.

Interestingly, when asked if he would date her, John gave a rather confusing answer: “I wouldn’t say yes or no. Yvonne is a very nice and sexy lady but God has plans for everybody. Never say never!”
John expressed the hope that in the next five years, he would be producing his own movies.

“It comes with a lot of experience. I’m in front of a camera now so going behind the camera in future will be something good and besides there are a few great movie producers so I believe it is a great idea to encourage people to go in that direction.

“I adore Tyler Perry’s work and he’s a movie producer I look up to. His stories are not fictional, true to life and you can relate to.”


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