Some days ago, blogs and online news media were very busy with the news of Muna and Mode 9’s row at a recently concluded competition.

Mode 9 was a judge at the Nokia Don’t Break The Beat competition, which Muna was the presenter of.

A video released by Nigezie saw Muna telling Mode 9 to pass the mic over to her when both disagreed on the choice of the competition’s winner. Click Controversies Trail Muna’s Public Fight With Mode 9

Many saw Muna’s interference in Mode 9’s job as the show’s judge as a disrespect to Mode 9. Her above statement reportedly made matters worse as she reportedly received threats on twitter.

Hours later, her Ayo Shonaiya led RMG management company released a statement, which seems to attack the media and not addressing the issue. Click Muna’s Representative Releases Statement On Muna, Mode 9 Public Fight

Some industry players smelt arrogance in the official press release on the matter. Some felt Ayo should know better as a good friend of the media.

In a swift reaction to the ‘controversial’ official statement by her management company, Muna did the right thing, which doused the tension by openly apologising for her deed.

Her apology read: “Modey, I know we had a chat, and still face to face when I get back, but to put a stop to all this madness. I’m sorry boo.

“I want us to be cool like before and as we were just before the Nokia show. Pls accept my apology,” Muna tweeted on twitter on Wednesday.

Many have applauded Muna for this move and condemned Ayo for his approach to the issue. They have also seen this as a big slap on Ayo by failing to approach the brawl and not by attacking the media/persons.


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