Ever since it has been passed into law that any form of same s*x romance is unlawful, the Nollywood industry stakeholders have channelled all their attentions and resources into correcting the mindset of the players of this ugly and ungodly act of ‘lesbianism or any form of twosome’.

This actually led Anuoluwapo Oriyomi Sosanya and the happily married Mercy Aigbe Gentry to have engaged in the dirty act of to create a make-believe impression on the minds of their viewers. The Bond intended to instill moral decency into the minds of all and sundry and to also correct these abnormalities in our society.

The Bond, according to Anu, the owner of ??Raretreasure Movie Production, “the movie centres on two close friends who share so much together and they are ready to look out for each other, stay strong for each other and nothing can separate them because of the love that binds them together.

But this affection only lasted for a while because one of them suffers an ailment, which will either make her or break her while the other one is benefiting from their friendship.

‘The Bond’ is about the love (bond) that connects these two friends to the world. They become different and better, they look out for each other and they sincerely love each other. One of them becomes so broke and the reality of sisterhood now take its toll on them. ‘The Bond’ is about the benefit, the Love, the Trust, the Jealousy, the envy, the deceit. It’s coming out soon.”

The star studded movie has veterans like Mr. Jide Kosoko, Mercy Aigbe, Anu Sosanya, Peju Ogunmola, Bukola Ogunnate, Gbenga Oyeyiga, Da Silver, Aina Gold and many more as cast.

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