Lancelot meets Dagrin's father

Veteran movie director, Lancelot Imasuen has begun consultations with the father of late yoruba rap artist, Dagrin, in order to have inputs from the older Olanipekun on the life and times of his late son for the production of Ghetto Dreams, a biopic on the life and times of late rapper Dagrin . Dagrin’s father  will be helping the versatile director in recalling the life, timeof the late rapper and events that shaped the course of life of the late rap artist.

Speaking on the rationale behind the involvement of the late rap artist’s father, Lancelot Imasuen said,  “I’m of the opinion that when you want to look into an epic work like this, talking about the deeds of some heroic deeds of some individual, you must be able to have more than enough to put on the table and all of that.” Lancelot futher stated that Dagrin’s father is fully aware of the movie project and he is also very much involved in the production of the movie.
Ghetto Dreams, a biography of the late rap artist. Ghetto Dream will profile in a touching way the true life story  and experiences of Dagrin: the development, struggles, breakthrough and death of Dagrin. The movie will also feature a cast of young and upcoming artistes as well as established musicians.

Meanwhile the search for a perfect match to play the role of Dagrin is still on. Describing the qualities an individual must posses to play  the role of Dagrin, Stingomania Entertainment says the Dagrin must have an extremely close resemblance with the artist in physique, rap skills, street credibility and mannerism Also speaking on the movie project, Lancelot Imasuen the director of the movie said, “I’ll be needing assistance from a whole lot of people that actually mean well for the project because we want to go deep with the story we have been able to gather but in terms of the structures on ground, in terms of the artistry, in terms of the liberty as artistes dive into areas that we want to create; I believe it is going to be a huge success, that I can assure you with God on our side”.


The movie, Ghetto Dreams will serve the dual purpose of immortalizing Dagrin and at the same time provide some financial consolation to thefamily of Dagrin who have been largely ignored by the various commercial projects based on the life and works of Dagrin. A portion (20%) of the net proceeds from this movie will go towards donations for the family of Dagrin, while another 20% will go towards the endowment for the Ghetto Dreams Foundation in honor of Dagrin. The movie will be premiered at major theaters in different locations at home and abroad.


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