1jTop Nigerian actor, Jim Iyke, has continued to prove a point clear that his ‘ by CouponDropDown”>bad boy‘ tag he has had to endure with for a long time now is nothing but a gimmick in the make-believe world of Nollywood. Thanks to his present media manager that is working endlessly to also help prove that Jim Iyke in real life is different from the Jim Iyke in movies.

The multi-award by CouponDropDown”>winning star, entrepreneur, model and philanthropist, who is currently on a charity tour of Central Africa, recently visited the Naguru Reception Centre for Children, Kampala, Uganda. The centre is a home for Uganda’s orphaned and abandoned children.

Jim Iyke was accompanied by Ghanaian actress, Nadia Buhari, and her mum. Unlike most children from such homes, who have very little to be cheerful about especially in a season such as Christmas, the Nollywood hard man together with his sexy counterpart from Accra, Ghana, shed their glamorous pre-occupations to put smile on the faces of the forlorn.

“We have decided to throw a huge Christmas party for the kids” Jim Iyke told Untamed News in an exclusive conversation with him yesterday, Friday, December 15, 2012.


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