45That he’s a veteran thespian is an understatement, Kanayo O. Kanayo, to others is just a man who loves to do things as they present themselves but to this actor cum politician, he does what he likes to do without any prejudice. For almost a year now, Kanayo has been a regular face at the National Stadium, Surulere to play TableTennis. A couple of months back, the versatile actor won award for the most improved player in Table Tennis of the club, this, unarguably, shows that his love for that game is unalloyed.

“I’m not playing tennis for any tournament but to keep fit and also to catch some fun. I also like the game because tennis affords me the opportunity to play a game, which keeps me in an open environment where I can interact. I was told that apart from Squash, there isn’t any other sport that moves you around like tennis. It’s a game that helps in relieving social tensions,’’ he said.

PDP youth leader during Goodluck Jonathan’s campaign, Kanayo disclosed that he has been following the game for ages, “ I’ve been following Nigerian tennis since the days of Nduka Odizor and the other players. It is unfortunate that our tennis players have been frustrated today because there is dearth of tournaments and other constraint that deprive them of the opportunity to play their choice sport to the best of their ability,’’ he concluded.


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