Queeneth Hilbert

Queeneth Hilbert has starred in over 20 movies . She is a breath- taking, beautiful and young model who began acting in her teens days and is still in her game.

Blessed with a height and color of an international celeb and model, you cannot miss her in a crowd. In this interview, she talks about her unhappy childhood, her acting career and future:

How I became a model at a tender age.

I started modeling when I was 15 years old and as at 15, I was already very tall for my age! My colleagues on the job would have thought that l was in my 20s already. I was approached by modeling agents to become a model when I was only a child. Eventually, I went for two auditions and here I find myself.

How I saw modeling even as a child.

I have always loved to model! While I was growing up, l had access to TV programmes and magazines showcasing models. I prayed as a child that I would become one someday and even went to the extent of learning to walk as a model on my own and took photographs of different poses. When it eventually came to reality at age 15, I felt on top of the world.

My childhood

My childhood wasn’t an easy one. I was very unhappy for two major reasons. First, like I said earlier, l started modeling at 15 and had problems settling down to do school work. I was always on one location or the other. Again, I grew up without a dad. I couldn’t understand why I didn’t have a dad at all. In fact, I haven’t seen him all my life. So mum was both mum and dad to me. It wasn’t easy for her too.

I felt so terrible each time I come across other children with both parents and myself with just mum. To worsen the already bad situation, I am an only child and I had a coloration that was funny to me . I had to learn to cope by being a loner. Tongues wagged so much about me while I was growing up. I am a half cast, part Nigerian and part Lebanese.

Why I am adding acting to my portfolio

Well, I have added acting to my portfolio and it has been fun all the way. Actually, modeling pays well but you don’t make the name you make when you are an actress.

A model may not be so popular, but acting forces popularity on you whether you are ready or not. The viewers do not have another choice but to recognize you as you grow in the profession.

The movies I have featured in

I have featured in over 20 movies since I started and I am still counting. Most of the movies I have done are not yet out but some are.

My personal experience with some popular actors or actresses in Nollywood

I have featured with Tonto Dike, Van Vicker and Mercy Johnson in different movies. Tonto Dike is a wonderful person. She is the reason l went into acting in the first place. I first noticed that she has my kind of color, only a little darker than me.

I also noticed that she is a lady with her own mind but a wonderful, loving person with a good heart who genuinely cares about people. On the other hand, Van Vicker is a terribly funny person and fun to be with. With Tonto Dike and Van Vicker, there’s no dull moment. I am not close to Mercy Johnson, perhaps because we do not agree on things.

How I manage without being paid while acting

Well, it is my choice while growing in this new love of mine. I have to endure till the big break comes my way. Great men of old all went through this way. If you love the job, the gain comes when you have made your name.

My relationship

I am not in any relationship and I do not intend to be in any soon. I haven’t gotten over my father’s absence during my childhood and perhaps l haven’t forgiven men in general for putting women through stress of loving them and dumping them. As far as I am concerned, love sucks. I love being alone and I don’t miss otherwise.

My idea of fun

My idea of fun is being alone. I can hang out on my own. I take myself out to drink and come back feeling fulfilled. I don’t need anyone to be happy. I also love watching Nollywood movies and Kim Kardashian’s family on TV. I sometimes hang out with colleagues on the jobs. Like l have hanged out with Tonto Dike and that was where I saw that part of her that people seldom have access to and I was impressed.

The difference between acting and modeling

To me, modeling is easier and less stressful because you are on location with different people , but to an extent with the same mind set. But in acting, there are many people on location fighting for just one slot. So you can feel the envies and jealousies. Acting takes you to limelight faster than modeling although modeling pays more than acting at the beginning.

How I love carrying my hair

I always cover my hair because l don’t want people to know I am bi- racial. I have always covered my hair right from my secondary school days and I won’t stop now.

Queeneth Hilbert

Where I wish to travel to if I have an all expense-paid trip

I want to travel to United States of America. Precisely, I would want to visit Hollywood in Los Angeles, in California. In Hollywood, I would get to meet great movie stars, directors and producers in order to get to see the making of their great movies and intrigues I am yet to understand. Maybe God willing, I would do a movie with them.

My dreams

I want to be an A- List actress both locally and internationally. God willing, I’d be in a steady relationship and grow my personal business empire. I wish to go into designing of clothes and start planning for my children and family.


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