Sandra IwegbulenUp and coming actress, Sandra Iwegbulen has confessed  how she once had a crush on the popular Nollywood sex symbol , Michael Okon until she met him on a movie set and put a stop to it.

According to the Mbaise, Imo State born actress, while she was growing up, she never stopped having a crush on Okon. But the moment she starred alongside the handsome actor in a horror flick, she totally lost her interest in him.

“ I  found out that I didn’t have those feelings any more when I finally met him on a set of a horror movie. That’s not to say, Michael Okon had lost his allure, but I’m now a mature  woman,”she said.

Sandra, whose dream is to star alongside the popular Ghanaian actor, Majid Mitchel is one of the rising actresses that has what it takes to stand on their own.

She said, her desire to be on the same set with Majid is because, the play boy actor represents a bundle of talents to her, “he’s an extreme actor, so passionate in his interpretation of given roles.” To Sandra, Majid remains one of the actors ever to come out of Africa.

On her female role models, she mentioned Genevieve, adding that she’s looking  forward to starring in the same with her.

Being a part time 300 level student of the Lagos State University,LASU, Sandra is  optimistic that she will definitely be on top of her game in no distant time.

However, lamenting  maltreated meted to emerging actors in the industry,reiterated her resolve to overcome the travails of the industry.

“In the world of make-believe, up and coming actors are hardly paid well for  their services and when they are paid, it is merely peanuts.  She knows that it is a sacrifice for a brighter and beautiful future; hence she is equipped for the strenuous ride to fame with her mother strongly behind her. Sandra had always known that there would be huddles to cross because others before her passed through the same huddles and she is determined to overcome the obstacles.

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