Actress Ebube Nwagbo speaks on sundry issues including her relationship, new ‘hairline’ business venture, and career challenges;

Tell us how you got into acting?

I went for an audition and got the lead role, thanks to the Amaco Company that gave me the opportunity to be what I am today and thanks to my friend, Obi who told me about the audition. And also a big thanks to all the cast n crew of that movie and the director, Ifeanyi Azodo, they believed in me and encouraged me… I never believed I could do it.

But going by recent research, you no longer feature in movies like you used to?

The reason is because I delved into other ventures aside acting..which is all part of showbiz. I do other things now, so it’s not easy juggling acting and doing business. But I dedicate most of my time to movies because it’s my first love and it was on this platform I was able to achieve my success today..and again most of the movies I shot are yet to be released, but I have some making waves in the market now. Yellow Sisi, Shakara Babe, Shades of Shame are my latest movies in d market now. So I still do acting, maybe not much Because I wanted to grow bigger and also have something to fall back on in the future. You know nobody will act forever. But I’m still very much in the game.

You travelled and lived in the mid-east for a while. What informed that?

I didn’t stay there that long, but at that time, I was trying to start up my hair biz, so I had to be there to see to the manufacturing and oversee even the tiniest details. My business entails travelling a lot..even as i speak to you now I’m out of the country. I have to travel round to source for products, and keep up with demands, that’s how it’s done and we do large scale production. So it entails travelling a lot. I had to dedicate my time to it to make sure it came out well, and I’m happy I did..because starting up a business is not a small thing, it involves a lot of capital which, if not done well, you’ll loose your hard earned money invested into it.

Do you think your colleagues overtook you the time you took the break?

Nollywood is a very big place for everybody, there’s a lot of space for everybody, so nobody can take anybody’s place. We are all different in what we do..even though there are a lot of new entrants now, we all are comfortable because it’s a very large industry.

Now that producing movies seems to be the in thing, are we going to see you produce your own soon?

It’s in my top do list to produce my own movie soon, but not because everybody is doing it but because I want to. I have a lot am doing at the moment so I have to do it at the right time and do it real good. To produce a movie is not a big deal, God has blessed me with the enabling resources to do that but right now, it’s my Posh Hairline that I’m concentrating on.

Tell us about your product, we hear you have a brand of human hair that is making waves?

It’s called Posh Hair. It’s my hairline, the idea behind Posh Hair is for the fashionistas that want to look good without having to spend a fortune. For the young girls dat want to look like their big celebrities without having to spend so much money. it’s for celebrities like myself as well. You can get the celebrity look with Posh Hair, it’s for every class of people. We have different products for the upper class, middle and average. We have the Posh Luxury, Posh Classic, Posh Panache, Posh Divo and the newly added and just arrived Posh Glam. It’s all 100% human hair. We have the Indian hair, European hair, Brazillian hair, Spanish hair…The latest we are introducing into d market is the Posh Glam (100% European hair)it’s d best thing so far,..Posh Hair gives you the worth of your money..

Why did you branch out into the hair business?

It’s all about looking good, Showbiz is about glamour, fashion, and you are not complete without a good hair on as a woman. So you have to complete your look with a good hair and it’s the Trend now…every lady wants to own a good hair…so that’s the idea. I love everything about fashion, so I’m doing what I love.

And how commercially successful has it been since we have other products?

Posh Hair is not in competition with any product..I am overwhelmed by the response from fans, colleagues and customers. it’s doing very well commercially. Reason we have grown in just a year..and we are still growing. What stands us out is that we have something good for everybody at a very good rate and a worth for your money. My Posh customers can attest to that. You definitely don’t regret owning a Posh Hair. We do wholesale too in and out of Africa.

You’ve really gone global?

Yes Posh Hair has gone global. All thanks to God!

Some scandals have been written about you, how do you usually cope when you hear and read such things?

It’s crazy sometimes but I have learnt to always put on a smile for them. It’s nt easy for people to appreciate you, and admire what you do. I thank God for all of them that has been with me, stood by me and believed in me, despite all the bad press I have suffered, bless you all.

Do you regret not being KCee (KC Presh) wife and are you still friends with him and his wife?

No regrets. We are both happy people living our lives separately. Kingsley and I are still very good friends, and will always be the best of friends.

Your relationship was a public one. Why it didn’t work out?

Even relationships that are not in public eye end up, how much more about the one in public eye, it’s the nature of our job, it must definitely be in the public eye whether we like it or not.

Is marriage on your to do list?

As a young lady, it should be on my things to do list but not on the topmost of my things do list right now..I’ll do that when I’m ready for it.

How do you feel when marriages break up in your industry?

Even marriages that are not in my industry break up..marriage break-up is not synonymous with Nollywood. It happens everywhere and nobody goes into marriage hoping to break out of it. It’s not a good thing for a marriage to break up…though but we are not God to dictate what happens in our lives. we do the best we can and leave the rest to God, it’s a union of two different people with different backgrounds in views of life coming together under one roof..it’s not easy at all. It’s just God that can help us coupled with the nature of our job..it’s not an easy task. We just look up to God for His guidance.

What do you hope to achieve in future?

To make my Posh Hair a household name like Michael Jackson music or Coca-Cola

How do u cope with fans?

I cope normally.

Has any embarrassed you before?

I have…the latest was when some hoodlums impersonated me on Twitter and Facebook..collecting money from innocent people and promising to deliver hair to them. After asking them to pay money into an account which is not mine. A lady walked up to me someday after an event and insulted the living day light out of me for collecting money and never delivering the goods to her. It took the intervention of people around to calm her down to save the situation. I had to explain to her that it wasn’t me but some impostors out there trying to spoil my name. I looked into the matter and acted swiftly. I reported the case to the Police and gave out the number and pin for further investigation. It has been taken care of anyway and I have made measures to put an end to it.

Which movie brought you to limelight?

My first movie ‘Arrested by love’ with Jim Iyke and a host of others brought me into limelight.


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