monalisaEmem Isong is one producer whose name precedes her. Ever since she came into Nollywood, she has remained behind the cameras leaving her works to speak for her. Although shy and somehow a loner, this multi-talented chic is an icon to reckon with when it comes to script writing and movie producing.

For her, writing scripts and producing movies is the core of film production. She has been doing these for over a decade, with recognitions from both home and abroad. She equally made some Nollywood stars that have become part of the most sought after in the industry today.

Months back, she was accused of causing the breakup of the marriage of talented actress Monalisa Chinda.

In a recent interview,the ace filmmaker finally opens up, distancing herself from the unfortunate circumstance that led to the crash of Monalisa Chinda’s marriage.

I felt very bad and I wonder why they will even say something like that.Am I God? How can I scatter somebody’s marriage? It’s unfortunate that it happened.

Monalisa has been my friend.She would come to my house every now and then.At the time she had issues if she came to my place to stay,I don’t see how that made me a part of those that led to her marriage breaking apart.

It’s something that I still have not been able to understand till today.It’s unfortunate,but God knows the truth


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