Tuface Some say he is the most successful contemporary music artiste in Nigeria today. Others say he is the best of his generation.

But, there is no doubt that Innocent Ujah Idibia, renowned as Tuface Idibia (and fondly called 2baba by some), one of the best music exports Nigeria has ever produced.

However, despite his phenomenal success and achieving superstardom, including a string of hits from his five albums to date – as well as the evergreen ‘African Queen’ from his debut solo album in 2004; Tuface, with over 16 years in the music industry, has remained humble and down-to-earth

Innocent Idibia popularly known as Tuface Idibia in an interview talks about his music, kids and plans for his education.

Is Tuface A Player?

If I were a player, they wouldn’t have caught me like that.

On His Role Has A Father

Tuface who has six kids from different women said its not being easy, sometimes his work entails him travelling a lot and as such does not see his kids as he wants to.

According to him he had a different plan of just having one wife and kids but since things turned out this way he has accepted, no shaking.

On His Children Following His Footsteps

Tuface said he won’t discourage any of his children if they decide to follow his footsteps musically. As a matter of fact he’ll make be a good adviser.

On His Plans To Go Back To School

He definitely still has plans to go back to school to study law but he’s not certain when.

On Why He Took So Long To Settle

I don’t really have an answer to that question, because I don’t know. I can’t explain why I don’t have an answer to that, but somehow, by the grace of God, we are still together.

On His Choice Of Name

He said it was a way of letting his fans know the real him different from the one they see in the public, TV, papers, radio.
Meaning Tuface is an artiste – the public figure, and Tuface, the actual me.

On His Fame

It takes away your privacy and freedom to do some kind of simple, basic things. Like I can’t go to Iya Christopher to sit down and eat amala, the way I dey do before.

On how much Tuface is worth today

I never gather, but I dey try.

Tuface attributed his journey so far to hardwork, his fans and of course the grace of God

You have met famous people globally, which one stands out most and why?

O boy! I will just go for Wyclef. The guy is just too much. He has the kind of spirit I like, simple, friendly, intelligent, talented, focused, playful, down to earth, serious. He’s just my kind of person.

Who’s your favorite Nigerian music act and among the upcoming ones, which do you feel can become the next Tuface or make it as big as you have done?

I’m not even going to answer that because I have so many friends and wouldn’t want to hurt anybody’s feelings by mentioning one person’s name and not mentioning another. But I have many favourites, I love their music and many of them have different attributes that I like.

Despite being a superstar, you must have had some most embarrassing moments?

Most embarrassing moments? The funny thing is, I can’t remember right now (General laughter). But I don’t like to put myself in any embarrassing situation.

If you weren’t singing, if you weren’t Tuface, what is it you would have become?

Maybe, I would have been a goal keeper for one football team. Although I didn’t play football very well while growing up, I dreamt about it



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