Yinka OlukungaYinka Olukunga, popularly known as Nnenna, rose to stardom through Wale Adenuga Production. The actress has made her mark for her role in the wave-making drama series, Superstory. In this interview with SEYI SOKOYA, Nnenna speaks on her fashion preferences and why she can’t be caught dead wearing a tattoo. Excerpts:

Description of self.

Olayinka Olukunga (Nnenna) is nice to people, honest and humble and she is fun to be with. My main motive is to impact the world positively and I thank God that I have been achieving that.

wing up.

Growing up was fun and adventurous. I played a lot of pranks when I was young and the kind of background I had really helped me and that is why I am trying to help the younger ones to discover their talents early in life.

inition of style.

I believe in simplicity. I love to remain simple and elegant, because it will, no doubt, showcase my true picture. You don’t have to go wild because you want to pass a message across.

uty routine.

I wash my face every morning and evening. I love my face in its natural state.

ourite colours.

I love combining colours like, pink, purple, blue, yellow, orange and lemon. I love flowery designs because they mostly come in a combination of colours.

ice of accessories.

I go for gold and silver accessories and I love pearls as well.

ourite perfume.

None in particular. But once it smells nice and mild, I am good to go. I don’t have a regular perfume and I don’t carry perfume about.

hion item I can’t do without.

That should be a wristwatch. I love it to a fault.

ret of beauty.

God is the secret of my beauty.

t or exercise.

I don’t diet, I just eat healthy foods and I exercise a little bit.

Most expensive item in my wardrobe.

I really cannot think of any at the moment, because everything I have is precious to me.

ion on toning.

Personally, I don’t advise anyone to tone because I feel it is dangerous to the skin and the negative effects can be very costly.

stic surgery.

It is a no-go area for me. The idea is absurd and I will not encourage anyone to do such.

vocative dressing.

Personally, I don’t like it. I do not see any reason why I should flaunt my body, not to talk of flaunting sensitive parts of my body. Besides, you don’t have to flaunt your body before people notice that you are beautiful. You need not be told to dress properly and decently.

ice on how to stay young and beautiful.

Although God is the secret of one’s beauty, to enhance your beauty and stay younger, you need to smile often, eat healthy foods, take lots of fruits and, above all, try to be nice to people around you.

t I won’t be caught dead wearing.

Tattoo is the least of what I will be caught dead wearing. I can’t imagine having one placed on my body. In fact, it is not my choice.


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