Nollywood movies has over the years evolved from what it used to be, as many movie producers now take to heart the seriousness of making quality and cinema worthy movie such that can compete with the various Hollywood movies that show in cinema’s nationwide.

Making quality movies isn’t the only factor that aids a movie’s success at the cinema, but most importantly, effective distribution and circulation of these movies to the cinemas nationwide with the aid of an effective distributor who doesn’t only distribute the movies to as many cinemas as possible, but also monitors the progress of the movie at the cinemas and also the time slots allocated to different movies.

A power house distribution company, Blue Pictures which distributes both Nollywood and Hollywood movies to all cinema houses around the country and West Africa region as soon as they are released also attributes the success of movies at the cinema to proper and efficient distribution. Joy Ilibeno, the brain behind Blue Pictures also backed the fact that effective movie distribution is a major factor in the success of movies.

Blue Pictures is a distribution company based on excellence. The company has over time being responsible for distributing many blockbuster Nollywood and Hollywood movies such as Avatar, X-MEN, Prince of Persia, Sex and the City, Inception, The Proposal, Unstoppable, Hangover, Harry Potter etc and also Nollywood movies such as The Mirror Boy, Anchor Baby, The Return of Jenifa, Unwanted Guest, Bent Arrow etc to cinema houses nationwide.

Many of such Nollywood movies that have made great fortunes and returns weren’t just attributed to their cinematic quality and interesting storyline but also to the effectiveness of the movie distributor. One of such movie that made box office with impressive ticket sales and grossing earning of over 32millon naira was “The Return of Jenifa” the movie by talented actress and producer Funke Akindele which made a massive impression at about six cinemas nationwide. Another of such movie was Mirror Boy produced by Obi Emelonye which grossed an approximate.

Speaking further about the company, Joy Ilibeno, a graduate of  Yaba college of technology Lagos said “ we only distribute movies which might have met certain production quality such as good sound quality, picture quality, cast and a compelling story and how the cast are able to interpret their roles and bare the mind of the script writer. Over the years Blue Pictures has worked with various movie Producers to ensure these qualities are met for a long runs success at the box-office.


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