5Anyday, anytime, tall, handsome, hot and chocolate-skinned Nollywood actor, Joseph Benjamin is a woman’s dream man.

The MTN Project Fame co-host is one actor that has made some pretty number of female ‘converts’ and addicts for the Nigeria movie industry called Nollywood because of the craze by ladies to always see his movies just to serve as a soothing relief to their heart’s thirsts.

Not only in the general public he has this craze, but also within the industry he works as an actor. While on set, it is very certain that some of his female colleagues and production crew would have mental permutations of how Joe, as he is fondly called, would make them be in another world while being inside them ‘acting’ the bedmatics role in real life with them.

Speaking with Nollywood.codewit.com recently on how he handles sexual advances from female colleagues while on movie sets, the talented actor said, “you will always receive advances from ladies, you are a man and good looking, even while on set playing love roles. I handle and deal with them well.

“Of course, all of those have to be professional. How many do you want to be carried away by? So, you have to always have a professional approach to all of these things. That is what I always apply. I have come to work and after I get the work done, I get out and that’s basically it.”

Hmm, have you wondered why Joe has always not given you an audience while on a movie set after making several advances to him ? He has just given reason for that. Device another strategy, that could work.


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