Ini EdoIni Edo – This dark-skinned Akwa Ibom-born screen goddess has made her mark in the Nigerian movie industry and is among the foremost actresses who have become the nightmare of many married couples. Though she is now married, many women are still skeptical of her repentance, as they still see her as a threat. When she was still single she was reported to have got herself entangled with married men but the biggest of them all was when she entered into a relationship with a married man which eventually led to the dissolution of the marriage and the man deciding to marry her instead. 

Ini, as her friends call her, is said to be a lady who would get any man she desired. She settled for Philips Ehiagwina, an America-based Nigerian. This resulted in Philips divorcing his wife,  Ruth Okoro who had sacrificed so much for him. Philips marriage to Ini means Ruth’s once happy home has been destroyed.

Rita Nzeribe

Benita Nzeribe – She might have gone out of circulation in the make-believe industry as she hardly features in movies of late, but beautiful Benita will have her name written in gold in the book of those who have dated married men and may still be doing it. Just like her colleagues in the movie industry, many men will do anything to have her, and to compound matters for her, she is as beautiful naturally as she is onscreen, which must have been the reason her name comes up from time to time as one of the actresses men would do anything to go out with. And many of her suitors, we are informed, are married men. Though she has not been particularly linked to any home that has been broken, she came close to doing that when the wife of a guy she was dating at a time got wind of the affair. This forced the wife to confront her husband, who quickly denied knowing Benita aside watching her on screen. She had to hurriedly quit the affair.

Lola Alao

Many see this actress as the leader of Yoruba actresses in the industry. Lola Alao it was who linked other actresses to Oshodi big boy and treasurer of the Lagos branch of National Union of Road Transport Workers (NURTW), MC Oluomo, who was at a time linked with another actress, Tayo Odueke, popularly called Sikiratu Sindodo. In fact it was Lola who influenced their separation. Apart from joining and separating lovers which Lola is known for, she has also got herself into playing lead role in the business of breaking homes. She was at a time said to be pregnant for one Biodun Bodunrin, a Holland-based Nigerian who is married with kids. Though she came out to refute the claim, industry watchers say she actually had something with the man that nearly tore apart his marriage. Another of such was her relationship with Gbenga Bankole, popularly called Gbenga Astoria, of the Astoria Catering World. Gbenga who is happily married tried his best to keep the affair secret but was forced to pull out of the affair when he realized Lola wanted more than a secret relationship and this was about to cause crisis in his marriage. She was also at a time said to be having it good with a tall dark-skinned producer in the industry who goes by the name Ameen, even when she was aware that he was married. Quite interestingly, Lola plays the lead character when the script is on dating married men.

Oby Edozien

Newly married Oby has had her share of being responsible for destroying relationships. The most recent is that of Nigerian musician Alex Ohas, who was popularly called Alex O during his heyday in the Nigerian music industry. She eventually tied the knot with Alex recently. It was revealed that Alex was married to Fathima Aboobaker, a South African lady of Asian background, years back. The story is that Alex met Fathima in Singapore more than 10 years ago when he was still struggling to make ends meet and she not only stood by him then, but also assisted him and this moved him to walk her down the aisle in 2001. The union was blessed with a child. Oby, however, stepped into the scene when Alex travelled on what appeared to be a  sincere business trip to Nigeria, where he met the actress who hooked him, to the detriment of his family in South Africa. Months later, a secret wedding was organized for the two and that eventually exposed the plot and she came out to express her side of the story. Though many would want to absolve Oby Edozen of any wrong doing as some of her associates claim she was totally in the dark about the whole thing, it is certain she knew that Alex was married but would rather marry him out of her desperation. Oby, it could be recalled, had a quarrel with her closest pal Tricia Esiegbe at a time. Sources close to the two claim the disagreement was because Tricia was suspecting her pal of making advances at her man and the ensuing melee made headlines then. Though the two reconciled after Tricia’s wedding to her man, the pain suffered by Oby made her desperate, which was the reason she stuck to her guns to go ahead with her wedding to Alex, even when it became obvious she  would be breaking a once happy woman’s home.

Anita JosephAnita Joseph – This beautiful actress may have parted ways with her former lifestyle of controversy, but as the saying goes, “If a sculptor decides he’s not carving again, the ones he had carved will remain forever”, aptly fits this sexy actress who may not have been privileged to destroy marriages but has played her part in tearing apart some relationships. Anita was said to have played a part in the break-up of the relationship of another sultry actress, Empress Njamah with her then music star boyfriend Timaya. Anita, in an interview at that time said that she was having an affair with the musician and this statement might have been the beginning of the end of the whole thing. She also played a prominent role in the separation of another actress, Ebube Nwagbo from yet another musician, KC of the KC Presh fame. Despite her knowledge that Ebube was having an affair with KC, Anita decided to join the party as she also began a relationship with the music act. Though she later opted out of the relationship, the affair has been responsible for the disaffection between the two actresses up till now.

Grace Amah

Petit but beautiful best describes this cross-over actress, who acts in both English and Yoruba films. Grace is a good interpreter of movie scripts and if information at our disposal is anything to go by, she also knows how to interpret the script of putting spanner in the wheels of married families in real life. Her major issue started when she became pregnant and she could not disclose the identity of the father of her child. Information, however, was that the light-skinned actress might have been plotting her way to breaking a happy home when she chose to conceive and have a baby for a man who is already married with four kids, against her claim that the man is in London. Those in the know argue that the man is actually working with the National Assembly in the country’s capital city of Abuja and that she chose to hide his identity because she had not perfected her skills of winning over the man to the extent that he would divorce his wife for her. This revelation has finally initiated the innocent looking Grace to the league actresses who are skilled in wreaking havoc on marriages.

Nkiru Sylvanus

Against all odds, she has been winning contracts and endorsements she may after all not be deserving of. Light-skinned Nkiru, we can say, has had more than a fair share of controversies, which climaxed recently with her closeness to Rochas Okorocha. She was suspected to be dating the businessman who later became the governor of Imo State. The suspicion got to a peak when she decided to relocate from her Enugu base to Abuja where Rochas was living in order to make him accessible to her at short notice; and when he later became the governor of his state she expectedly moved to the East. Nkiru was later appointed as a special adviser to the governor, a decision which nearly caused crisis between the governor and his wife but for the intervention of some elders who prevailed on her to reject the appointment. Nkiru who has remained single even when her peers are either married or living as single parents, we were told, has been using her affair with the governor to win many things and she may be dreaming of one day becoming the wife of the man with the title of  “Owelle” at the expense of his immediate family.

Bisi Komolafe

She took the Yoruba movie industry by storm. Coming from Odunfa Caucus, a group headed by Yinka Quadri and Taiwo Hassan popularly called Ogogo, it took little or no time for Bisi to shoot to limelight, and her emergence brought about her association with controversies. She was first said to be warming the bed of Yinka Quardri. This relationship went on for some time even with her full knowledge that the man is married with kids almost her age before she finally she decided to end it and switch to another married man, Olasco, who is one of the Yoruba film marketers. Recently Bisi, who had previously not been successful in perfecting the art of destroying marriages, may at last have. It was in the news that she got engaged last December to one Babatunde Ijaodola, a father of two – a boy and a girl. Bisi was said have been dating the guy who got married to his heartthrob Niniola in 2007 and relocated to Canada with their two kids. Problem started when Tunde met Bisi on the pretext of friendship only for him to decide years after to end his marriage to his wife and in place take Bisi as wife. A close source said he has started divorce proceedings against his wife and the once happy home is now on the verge of collapse. And it is known that the whole issue started after Tunde met Bisi.

Uche Iwuji

It is no news that this light-skinned graduate of creative arts from the University of Lagos may be one actress that is wayward. Her nude picture while a student at the University of Lagos speaks volume, and her lifestyle in the make-believe industry is also nothing but controversial. It is therefore no surprise that Uche has been fingered in many reports as one who sees nothing bad in having relationships with married men. News was rife recently that Uche may have terminated a 19-week pregnancy only for her to come out to clear the air over the issue, stating that it was meant to be a surprise to all as she was pregnant for her lover and that she had a miscarriage rather than abortion. It was however confirmed that Uche was actually pregnant for one Raphael, a Nigerian based in Spain who incidentally is married to another woman over there. The plan, according to a close source, was for Raphael to find a way of divorcing his wife who is a European citizen, and marry Uche who met the guy sometime in 2010 and has always been in his company anytime he’s around, not minding that he was married since she was aware of the plan to divorce the first wife for her.

Iyabo Ojo

Many would want to say she is fashionable but it is a fact that she’s fashion crazy. Iyabo was among the first set of Yoruba actresses to use contact lens and artificial eye lashes. She is known for her exploits and role interpretation in the industry, which means she gets roles frequently. Although she already has kids from a previous marriage, she is still desired by many men and that may have informed why both married and single men within and outside the movie circle are always gunning for her. Iyabo has also had her fair share of people who would dump their wives for her. There was an incident where an actor in the industry whom Iyabo left for another was bitter and was said to have shed tears over his lost love. The actor who has two other brothers in the make-believe industry was even said to have walked up to Iyabo to declare that he would chase his wife out of their home only if she would agree to move in. But Iyabo, who has since accepted him back, would not do that. She said she would rather live outside so the wives would not be looking at her as a threat to their happy marriages.

Nadia Buhari

Though she is not of Nigerian descent, mullato and beautiful Nadia cut her teeth in the Nigerian movie industry popularly called Nollywood. Many men, we were informed, have been smitten  by the beauty of this Ghana-born actress whose role interpretation complements her beauty. Just like Delilah, Nadia has from time been involved with different married men one of which is the owner of Orange Drugs, makers of Delta Soap which Nadia was at a time modeling for. It was while with the company that she met ex-Miss Delta Soap, Steph-Nora Anusionwu and in the process got to know her husband Joseph Tomowu, a politician and oil and gas mogul and before one could say “Nadia”, she was in his bed, and they’ve been enjoying each other’s company. Steph-Nora was said to have got wind of the affair and reported it to Tony Ezenna, the owner of the company that brought the two together. It is still unknown if the company acted based on Nadia snatching the husband of Steph-Nora or for cheating on their boss –who she was also dating – but her contract with the company was terminated.

Bukky Wright

Born Oluwabukola Ajoke Asake Wright, her beautiful looks have garnered her sustained attention from men from different walks of life. One of the talented thespians in Nollywood, Bukky Wright has created so many controversies both in the entertainment circle and the real world. She is one of the most beautiful faces in Nollywood. Busybodies say she has even caused commotion among men who wanted to date her, through diabolical means. Recently the media was agog over her dating more than four men. She has created havoc in several marriages as most of the men she has dated in her entire life are married men.

A couple of years ago, there was a controversy between light-skinned Bukky Wright and another Nollywood actress, Fathia Balogun over a movie marketer, Alhaji Abdulrazak Abdullahi, the Corporate Pictures boss. This we learnt created friction between these two actresses which is still subsisting. Following that was the affair she had with one of her colleagues in the movie world who is now member of the House of Representatives, Rotimi Makinde. We learnt she created disarray in his marriage of many years.

She also succeeded in breaking Bolaji Basia’s home. With the intention of securing a green card through him, she used all the available means within her reach and at last she succeeded in tying him down. Even as her first aim of securing the green card was defeated, the marriage didn’t stand the test of time; it crumbled. Early this year she succeeded in tying the marital knot with another London big boy, Wale Onitiri, which she kept away from the media.


Talented thespian cum producer Funke Akindele, popularly called “Jennifer”, is one of the most sought after babes in the movie world. A couple of years ago the “Omo Ghetto” producer was alleged to have brought havoc to the home of fellow Nollywood actor whose father’s name is also synonymous with acting. Though we can’t picture where it all started from, we gathered that both thespians were on various occasions sighted at odd hours at different hotels. But Funke denied it.

No sooner had the affair started than we learnt she conceived for the barrister-turned-actor, and we gathered the wife who bore three lovely kids for this dark-skinned movie producer had to move out of their home so Funke could have easy access to Femi’s heart.

The scenario generated a whole lot of controversy and different people had diverse things to say about the affair. While some friends suggested they should go on with the affair since they were in love with each other, others had contrary opinion. But what we can grab in this whole issue is that the dark-skinned actress succeeded in ousting the wife from home.

Former Association of Nigerian Theatre Act Practitioners (ANTP) president, who happens to be the father of the actor, was said to have settled the matter and nothing was heard about the two lovebirds again. Busybodies also said she has also dated one of the Super Eagles defenders who is a left footer, though it crashed  no sooner than it started. She is still very single at the moment but she has not let this to weigh her down.

Mercy Johnson

Her wedding was one of the most talked about in year 2011, not because of the way it was planned or the amount of money she spent towards making the ceremony a huge success but the controversy it generated.

It all started like a dream. In the heat of the preparation for her white wedding, a lady, Lovely Okojie surfaced to declare that Mercy was planning to get married to her husband of many years. In the face of the controversy, Mercy and Prince Odionese, the groom, quickly secured a divorce and all the wedding proceedings went ahead as planned. She got married on the 27th of August 2011 but amid tight security. Several people were prevented from coming to the venue because Lovely threatened to disrupt the ceremony.

Prior to the wedding scandal, this sexy thespian had been labeled with different allegations. Rumour has it that Mercy is in love with traditional juju medicine, that she uses it for men that come her way, most especially the married ones. She was alleged to have aborted a pregnancy for a man called Obi, and had a sizzling romance with Ibrahim Damuje who people believe has many skeletons in his closet. She was also accused of destroying the marriage of a movie marketer named Victor, who abandoned his wife so Mercy could have easy access to his heart.

Whilst she was staying with fellow Nollywood actress cum presenter, Trisia Asiegbe, another controversy ensued between them because Mercy was alleged to have collected a huge amount of money from Tunde Akinyera, personal assistant to the chairman of telecommunication giants in Nigeria, Globacom, Dr. Mike Adenuga. This got Trishia infuriated because she was at the same time warming another man’s bed in Park View Estate.

Tayo Odueke (Sikiratu Sindodo)

Popular skin-toning Nollywood actress, Tayo Odueke (popularly called Sikiratu Sindodo – a name she got from one of the movies she featured in), was one of the most sought-after actresses in Nollywood before the sickness that almost claimed her life. Though she is back on her feet now and doing good, that is not the news for today.

This University of Lagos alumnus was alleged to have dated popular Nollywood actor cum producer, Kunle Afod when he just got married, though the affair crumbled like a pack of badly arranged cards because she was not all that dedicated to it. No sooner had the illicit relationship crashed than popular National Union of Road Transport Worker (NURTW) big boy, Musiliu Akinsanya popularly called MC Oluomo swept her off her feet. She was bought a Murano Jeep and this caused a lot of hullabaloo between Sikiratu and the man’s wives, who were scared because she was being over-pampered even as a concubine. Because of her closeness to MC Oluomo, other wives were ignored and this got them infuriated. It was rumoured she had more than two miscarriages; MC Oluomo’s wives tried to use this as a reason to force her to leave their hubby, but she refused.  However, those in the know believe this could have been part of her reason for leaving the NURTW big shot as she couldn’t conceive.

Ibinabo FiberisimaIbinabo Fiberisima – Ex-beauty queen cum actress, Ibinabo Fiberisima is the mother of five kids for different men. The light-skinned lady who was once arrested and jailed for killing a medical doctor while driving, bore a daughter for Nollywood actor and producer Fred Amata, though the relationship collapsed soon after  it started. What still remains a puzzle to many is how and when the relationship started in the first place as they were rarely together. They were so discreet about it until the divorce between Fred and Agatha Amata came to the open..

We recall the marriage between Fred and the “Inside-out” presenter Agatha collapsed due to irreconcilable differences after she bore him two lovely kids. And Ibinabo claims the affair started after the break-up. Busybodies are however claiming the sizzling relationship had been on between these two lovebirds before the separation between husband and wife.

Faithia Balogun

After separating from estranged hubby, Saheed Balogun, beautiful mother of two, Faithia Balogun was rumoured to have dated several men, in the bid to sustain her career in the movie world. After the break-up many thought she would quit acting because she came into the entertainment industry through Walata – Saheed Balogun. She was alleged to be sleeping with movie marketer and Corporate Pictures boss, Alhaji Razak Abdullahi and had on several occasions fought with other actresses because the man spent on her with reckless abandon. The fact that this man was legally married aided the affair because she wasn’t ready to settle down with another man after her break-up.

Couple of weeks back she was sighted with another Nollywood actor cum producer, Goriola Hassan, the estranged husband of big-eyed actress, Ayo Adesanya in an odd location and rumour mongers went to town with different stories regarding this alliance. Recall the relationship between Goriola and Ayo crashed after she accused Goriola of battering her, and many say Faithia has not missed the beating she received from her erstwhile husband, because Goriola also has passion for battering women.

Her relationship with her husband of many years actually collapsed because of the allegation of acts of infidelity leveled against her. She succeeded in dating baritone-voiced Nollywood actor, Funsho Adeolu who is legally married to his Akwa-Ibom wife and tall and good-looking Globacom ambassador, Odunlade Adekola while she was married.

Ireti Osayemi

Heavily built Ireti Osayemi is the wife of actor and movie director, Bankole Adeoye popularly called Banky Adeoye. Ireti was said to have dragged Banky Adeoye to the registry even though Banky had another woman who bore him children. Ireti Osayemi Adeoye who got into acting through one of Wale Adenuga’s soaps, Super Story, had been dating Bankole Adeoye whom we learnt had a dutiful wife at home until she surfaced. All that is history now because Shaki, the name she got from Funke Akindele’s block buster Jenifa succeeded in ousting the lady from Banky’s home. She is now the legal wife of Banky Adeoye.

Funke Adesiyan

She generated a lot controversy when she was seen with Saheed Balogun. Learnt she had been warming the bed of the Omojaiyejaiyeproducer before his marriage with his estranged wife crumbled and everybody had thought the she would succeed in sealing the sizzling relationship with marriage. But when she got the beating of her life from Saheed, she quickly ran for her dear life as it became clear to her that Saheed could never change.

She was also sighted with former governor of Kano State who also contested for the presidential post, Ibrahim Shekarau though she refuted the tale of a relationship with him. Dark-skinned Funke is also rumoured to have dated Sati Rahmon.

Mosun FilaniMosun Filani – Mosun Filani is one of the most sought-after actresses in Nollywood. She started acting within Abeokuta and before we knew it, she sought greener pastures in Lagos, where she was welcomed because of her talent. She has featured in different Nollywood flicks; she produced the movie titled Iku Ewa that got four awards and 11 nominations. This Ikole-Ekiti-born babe who got married weeks back was allegedly snatching other women’s husbands. She did a secret traditional marriage with Kayode Oduyoye, CEO of Shalom Group early this month in Ibadan. The man’s wife was said to have left for South Africa with her kids when the marriage became unbearable for her.

Before tying the knot a couple of weeks back, she was accused to have dated Nollywood actor, producer and director Muyiwa Ademola, whose marriage was still very fresh, Globacom ambassador Odunlade Adekola was not left out. She caused a strain between these good actors because she was simultaneously dating them, and when they got wind of it, they asked her to choose between them. She was said to have chosen the producer of Iyo Aye (Salt of the World), Muyiwa and all movie roles from Abeokuta ceased coming.

After this she relocated to Ibadan for movie roles but Muyiwa’s wife got wind of the illicit affair and it became a mess between her and Muyiwa’s wife. She eventually left Ibadan with shame. She is rarely seen in movies now.

Taiwo Aromokun

She is one of the newest faces in Nollywood and she has carved a niche for herself in the entertainment industry, being the hottest face in the Abeokuta movie setting. But the fact that she is new in the movie world has not been a hindrance to her. Taiwo Aromokun who has featured in several Nollywood flicks was allegedly warming Odunlade Adekola’s bed, which explains why she is so favoured with roles from him.

She is also said to be enjoying the attention of National Union of Road Transport Workers (NURTW) big shot, Musiliu Akinsanya popularly called MC Oluomo. Although when the affair started remains unclear,  busybodies say it has been happening for a while. She is gaining so much from MC Oluomo, who is seen as an ATM machine. She has been sighted on several occasions with him, and they were seen holding hands during Bisi Ibidapo-Obe’s mom’s birthday bash.

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