Halima Abubakar and 2face Idibia

It was a gathering of the crème de la crème of the society on Sunday, 24th February, 2013 at Oriental Hotel, Lekki, Lagos when star actress, Halima Abubakar premiered her much anticipated movie, Mistresses. The event saw people from far and wide coming together to celebrate the United Nations Ambassador for Peace and multiple award-winning actress who has for more than a decade featured in other people's movies but has now joined the league of movie makers. In a brief chat with the award winning actress, she disclosed her pains and gains from her producing her first movie; The Mistresses.

How has life been around you?

Well, life around me has been great and worthy; I’m giving all thanks to God Almighty.

Tell us about your UN appointment?

The appointment was a great honour, truly a shock to me but I’m happy because that shows they love my works.

Tell us about your movie; The Mistresses

The Mistresses is actually the first movie which I produced myself and it’s all about life around young mistresses.

You claimed that the movie gulped about N9million, why is it so expensive?

Yes, I'm not exaggerating on the amount, I spent over that amount, but logistics and all, recalling cast with crew, hotels, food, traveling outside the country for shooting part of the scene; all these cost a lot of money. If I calculated the total cost on N9million naira, I know I’m just being modest. Because this is my first movie, I believed I had to do all I’ve done to achieve the standard quality.

Could the huge money spent have been the cause for delay in the production?

No; it’s not the money, I lost 4 tapes which have over 30 scenes in it, but I’m glad it’s all over. It’s not an easy process. I had to re-shoot and edit and re-edit all. My brother, it's a long story but I'm good, although it’s a lot of money and it can be replaced.

Being your first movie, what are the challenges?

The challenges were enormous, too stressful, time consuming.

What are the experiences gained in producing the film?

I gained patience, understanding and calm, so I don’t break down when I handle tough challenges.

Do you prefer being a producer to an actress?

No, acting has been my choice and it always come first while other things follow.

What next after the release of the Mistresses?

After Mistresses, my next blockbusters will be The Bullies and Journey To Nowhere. These are my new jobs coming under the stable of Modehouse Films Production.

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