1the movie industry may be in for the biggest fraud case in its history.

According to information gathered by Nollywood.codewit.com, Blessing Egbe, the producer of controversial movie, Two Brides And A Baby is crying foul over an alleged fraudulent act between Okhma Global Limited and Silverbird Cinemas, Abuja.

Blessing alleged Okhma Global Limited owned by Mary Ephraim, who handled the distribution of the film to cinemas, of conniving with Silverbird Cinemas to short-pay her of proceeds made from screening the movie at the cinemas.

Blessing said that Mary confirmed to her that her movie had stopped showing at the cinemas on January 13, 2012 but she was surprised to learn that Silverbird Cinemas in Abuja still sold tickets for the said movie as at February 2, 2012.

She went further to say that she requested for hard drives containing the film be retrieved from the cinemas, which Mary confirmed to her by January to have been effected.

When we contacted Mary on this allegation, she denied it but said that though Blessing wanted to stop showing the movie in December because of the percentage (30 per cent) that gets to her (Blessing) at that period was not okay by her, but she advised her to do otherwise

She went on to say that she has presented the right records to Blessing. As she told us, she wondered why Blessing is attacking the cinemas, who never had any dealing directly with her.

She also told us that she had earlier told Blessing to officially write her company of any wrong doing if noticed, which she claimed Blessing had not done.

When Blessing was asked to confirm this, she claimed to have written a letter to Mary through a lawyer which was never replied to even after acknowledging it.

For a young Nigerian film industry just re-embracing cinema culture, this may not be an encouraging situation to the industry.


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