keshi and osagie elegbeIf what we gathered from an already deleted Facebook wall post of an up and coming actress, Keshi Thomas, is anything to go by, then, Asola Osagie Elegbe, former Edo State chapter chairman of Actors Guild of Nigeria, AGN, might be in a big trouble.

This is because Elegbe, according to what we gathered from sources, is owning Keshi some amount of money which he is yet to pay the actress, who was his former member.

A source confidently told them that Keshi posted a on her Facebook wall in December 2012, “It is high time we elect people who will represent the guild on all ramifications, not those who turn around to blab their mouth, go around borrowing money from members and yet refuse to pay back. Using his office to oppress others.”

This post has since been deleted but we were able to get the screen shot of the Facebook post from a source who had already munched it before it was deleted by Keshi.

Digs done by news journal indicate that Keshi gave the former Edo AGN boss in August 2012 some money to solve some certain issues. The total amount Elegbe borrowed from Keshi was put at N70,000 but has only paid back N31,000 and has reportedly refused to pay up the N29,000 left.

When contacted about this story, Elegbe told us on phone that there was more to the story than we think. He then said that when the time comes, he will open up on the alleged debt mess with Keshi. Elegbe said,“she (Keshi) has her own side of the story and she can broadcast it to any length.”

“As far as I am concerned, I will tell my own story when the time is right. By the time I tell my story, we would take it further,” Elegbe explained to us

We also contacted Keshi on the phone. According to her, Elegbe has refused to pay back her money and has also refused to pick up phone calls made to him.

“I asked the former Edo State AGN secretary, Joel, if he (Elegbe) was capable of paying back my money because I got the money from someone else and he (Joel) gave me assurances of Elegbe paying back the money to me.

“But thereafter, he refused to pay up my balance (N29,000). I posted it on Facebook hoping he would be ashamed of it and pay back my money but that didn’t shake him. I also spoke to Emma Ogugua (AGN’s BOT vice chairman) and Lancelot (Nollywood director) about it, but he (Elegbe) said he would pay when he has the money. Now, I hear he is travelling out of the country. He doesn’t pick up my calls again,” Keshi narrated to us

The source who hinted us about this story however, declined to tell us if their is or was any romantic relationship between Elegbe and Keshi. But we were informed by the source that the two were close before now.


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