8The news of entertainment personalities getting involved in a love relationship shouldn’t come as a surprise to people around the world especially in our showbiz environment.

Many showbiz players have dated to the extent of signing life contract. However, the new news that just filtered in from the grapevine that star actress, Fathia Balogun and Fuji star musician, Sulaimon “Malaika” Alao Adekunle are in hot romance is gradually generating a lot of heat especially from close friends who are aware of the union.

We authoritatively gathered that the two gifted showbiz personalities are sailing together on a love boat at the moment. Their romance is waxing stronger by the day although our sources maintained that both Malaika and Fathia have been friends for many years, however they moved to the next level by singing love tunes to each other’s ears.

Many could not come to terms with the romance because it is a known fact that before now, the fuji artiste was in a love relationship with Fathia’s younger colleague, Sikiratu Sindodo.

The love affair between Malaika and Sindodo weathered a storm not too long ago when the latter took ill that almost terminated her life. After she survived the illness with Malaika standing firm by her side through the ordeal, they renewed the love affair and many thought it would last forever- at least for now.

But before anyone knew what was happening, the good-looking fuji star decided to embark on a love journey with the pretty ex-wife of Saidi Balogun.

It was also gathered that both Malaika and Fathia have been friends while Saidi Balogun was her husband but since Fathia’s marriage crashed, she has been searching for a companion.

We gathered that Alao Malaika has been her confidant and adviser. Besides, their relationship is very cordial as we learnt. As a result of the relationship, Fathia Balogun has linked the Fuji Music star with some shows in Ikorodu, where the actress resides. In fact, it was learnt that Fathia Balogun invited Malaika to perform at her son’s birthday last month which was held in Ikorodu. Though, the pretty actress has not said anything in the press since the rumour started but Malaika has opened up that Fathia Balogun has been her friend since she was dating Saidi Balogun.

“Well, Fathia Balogun has been my friend since. She is my friend till now, Malaika said.

Meanwhile, since Saidi and Fathia parted ways years back, many moves have been made to reconcile them but all have proved abortive. Fathia has been linked with Corporate Pictures boss after she separated from Saidi Balogun. She has also been under pressure to settle down with a man which we learnt has been the objective to hook up with the Fuji Star, Alayeluwa Malaika.

Nevertheless, Malaika’s romance with actress, Sikiratu Sindodo has been on for almost five years now. And, he has not also denied it in the press. We gathered that Fathia Balogun’s new movie she is working on currently would feature the Fuji Musician, sources said.


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