7Last week, news went viral about a reported loss of pregnancy by superstar Nollywood actress, Ini Edo. Before unfortunate news broke, tongues have wagged on the pregnancy.
While some faulted her denial of the pregnancy some weeks after a Lagos soft-sell magazine first reported Ini Edo’s pregnancy and her pregnancy confirmation to another Lagos soft-sell magazine weeks after, others supported her actions.

Thereafter, more tongues wagged when at events the sultry actress attended, she was always spotted with a ‘table flat’ tummy. What surprised many was that Ini was pictured wearing a belt around her stomach area. This further fuelled more questions about her pregnant state.
While some argued that Ini would not have been pregnant and still wear a belt around her tummy region, others were indifferent.

Recently, picture of Mercy Johnson flaunting her baby bumps filled the internet. This further raised questions about Ini Edo’s pregnancy because many felt she would have by also had a baby bump as at the time Mercy flaunted hers because both were reported to have been pregnant almost the same time.

So, when news broke that she lost her pregnancy, some argued that she may never have been initially pregnant and may have deceived the press about it.

A cross section of some fans expressed mixed feelings on the news. A fan told Nollywood.codewit.com that Ini was never pregnant but only wanted to douse tension raised when some critics were worried of her not being pregnant after four years of marriage to Philip Ehiagwina.

Another fan told us that what Ini needs is to take a break from acting and concentrate on her family. A concerned fan told us that the news is very pathetic and wishes that God consoles her and make her become a proud mother so as to shame her haters.


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