genny2There is no doubt that Nollywood has grown to be a force to reckon with in the world today. Behind this emerging and powerful industry lies the exceptional actress whose face has helped to make the industry very more attractive.

Genevieve whose talent and amazing performances in several movies have captivated millions of fans both in Nigeria and all over the world stands out as the finest in the industry even in the latest era of Nollywood.

Whatever individuals like Pele is to the football world and Brazil, Michael Jackson is to the Americans and the music industry, that is what Genevieve has become to Nollywood, Nigerians, and Africans at large. There are few things that have placed Genevieve in this position and we just have to take a look at them.

TALENT – Genevieve is an embodiment of talent and that is why the American mega show talk host Oprah Winfrey described her as the Julia Roberts of Africa. Genevieve is a figure that emanates fire from the screen.

CARIAGE – It is not all the actors and actresses that understand the meaning of being a celebrity. As a celebrity Genevieve has taken too many steps but has overtime learned how to live with them. This explains why she has amazingly captured the hearts of millions of people. A penchant for humility and mild romance with the media are only but few things you can say about the pretty actress that has taking her far.

ENTERPRISE – The entertainment industry is an open business world where people either play to win or lose. It is not just enough to be in the industry but also knowing how to stay in the industry and remain relevant. Genevieve has become even better than she was yesterday with diversity added to her acting business. She has mastered the industry and gives in her best at all times so that she can equally be remain at the top.

RESPONSIBILITY AND READINESS – This is the area where most actors and actresses miss it all. It is not just about the money but the meaning given to the profession. Genevieve Nnaji shows humility, leadership skills, character, sincerity, honesty, dedication and seriousness to the profession she has heartedly pursued with passion all of her life. Amazingly no actress or actor in nollywood has the number of dedicated fans as Genevieve. She has the genuine love of her fans

PERFECTION – Until a celebrity decides to be perfect in the game, then there is never a moment to become powerful. This is not all about business management but rather building on how to be a mentor so that the star can reach out on every occasion as demanded by the profession and then in turn get rewarded. It is the desire for perfection in the game that creates the harmony that is required to record success. Fans of nollywood or Hollywood understand why the desire to see some certain persons in movies and this is one of the things that have made Genevieve exceptional


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