00Beautiful but single actress, Uche Ogbodo recently revealed that she doesn’t smoke nor drink any hard drink, the reason is because, she is always high and doesn’t need stimulant to make her high.

“I do not smoke and drink. I am just like that. Did I give you a wrong impression? You should judge from what you are seeing? People should not imply that I smoke or drink. I do not smoke or drink. I am high already, so I do not need any other thing to get me high. Spiritually, I am high, physically, I am over the roof,” she said.

Uche who was accused and disgraced at a hotel behind TFC for sleeping with friend’s husband the last time also commented about her performance in Nollywood.

“I can never go down, I only ascend. I am still hot, forever hot in the industry and will always be hot. I do not even have time to myself because of so many jobs coming my way. Nollywood is moving forward, it can never go backward. So many things have changed. We have changed so many ways of doing things. Our productions have become better. We now have better pictures and equipments, here and there. I can only say we are going further and further into other markets because we now have good quality productions. And our relationship with other movie producing countries has improved in confidence too. We are going stronger and can never go backward,” she said.


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