14You may see him as being primitive in thinking or old-fashioned in acting but one fact we all know is that a man will always have reasons for his actions.

In those days, there used to be some names that people reserved for someone special in their lives be it man or woman. These names made people feel very special when they hear their partner call them by such names, but for Nonso, the reverse is the case.

For this handsome actor, he said he would not appreciate his lover or wife to call him by those names girls call their guys outside such as ‘Sweetie, Honey, Boo, Baby, Love’ etc, he said he would simply welcome his name, Nonso than all those funny names.

I prefer it when a girl calls me by my name than for her to call me ‘BOO’ ‘SWEETIE’ ‘LOVE’ etc. ” Nonso said via Twitter.

Is anything really wrong in calling a loved one by such special names? Let’s hear your views please.


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