Dearth of Igbo Movies Deny DStv Igbo Channel

Content is key to television business. And DStv says it could not launch an Igbo language channel when it launched Yoruba and Hausa channels for fear of contents to power viewership. Particularly, lack of home videos produced in Igbo language has been fingered for the absence of an Igbo channel on DStv .

Segun Fayose, corporate communications manager of Multilinks, the pay TV’s parent company, speaking at a media parley says: “Many people know that the Yoruba genre in the Nigerian film industry has been thriving for a long time.

And there is actually a lot of Hausa products coming out of the north which a lot of people may not be aware of. But apart from the few early films in Igbo language, not many movies in recent times have been produced in the Igbo tongue.”

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