jim3As scandal seems to be synonymous with fame,star actor, James Ikechukwu Esemugha popularly known as Jim Iyke have had his share of it.

Jim has lived with alleged fraudulent stories chasing after him in the past two years.It is no longer news that he is in fresh trouble over fraudulent practices,as he is facing a court case in an Abuja Magistrate Court over an alleged N15 million fraud.

Not forgetting the N14 million fraud he was alleged to have perpetrated with the name of an orphanage home in Kaduna,called Adonai Orphanage Home and Widows Centre.

Last year, the gorgeous actor was said to have falsified information that he acquired brand new Cameron SS Convertible and Plymouth Prowler Convertible cars worth N16 million but later it was discovered that the cars actually belongs to his best friends.

It could equally be called to mind that Jim is one of the dandiest actors in Nollywood who babes in Nigeria and diaspora die to date.Sources have also alleged that super big babes have parted with millions through different means to Jim,in their desperate attempt to date him.

Despite the criticism among his fans and nags, Jim is not intimidated or perturbed about his many scandals.

Even though he has kept mum on the whole scandals for sometime now,Jim has finally broken his silence.

He took to twitter to react to the whole scandals.

I Pay No Attention To What Critics Say…I Say Fuck D Critics! I Do MY Best…

My advice for Jim, you are free to express your grievances, anger,or disgust but the use of F Words as a celebrity is very bad.

You are a role model to thousands of youth and your choice of words matters on a public forum like twitter .

Aside that, the frequent use of the “f” word has coarsened our public discourse.

Celebrities should desist from the use of “f” word as they are role models.


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