29122012C-AYThe mess top Nigerian comedian, Ayo Makun otherwise called AY, may have got himself into may be dragging further if the latest development degenerates into a fierce war between him and colleague, Basketmouth.

Shortly after AY posted on the internet his wedding anniversary and Christmas gift to his wife, an N8.5million car gift, the Delta State University graduate has come under attack from fans who berated him for showing off. AY did his rather becoming usual thing, tendering an apology after getting into a mess for his actions.

Hours ago, a twitter follower with the name ‘Sky High’ tweeted at Basketmouth but mentioned AY in the tweet, “Basketmouth, you are my favourite Naija comedian, I know you spoil Elsie but biko (please) don’t pull an AY & brag about buying wifey a car you actually bought for yourself.”

The above quoted tweet got to AY on the wrong side as he quickly lashed out at Basketmouth claiming he (Basketmouth) created that account to publicly insult him under the guise of another twitter account user. “Golden225 (Sky High’s twitter handle) Basketmouth, you obviously created this twitter account for this mission. when you are done, let me know. I wish you all the best,” AY tweeted at both Sky High and Basketmouth.

Nollywood.codewit.com checked the date the controversial twitter account was created and it was shown that it was created August 28, 2011 at 11:27pm. As at the time of writing this story, it had no single account it is following but it has 12 followers.

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