1077After few years of active participation in her acting career,star actress Clarion Chukwura became more religious and in 2011 she was officially ordained as a deaconess with Jesus Dominion Assembly,Omole Phase 1,Lagos.

The actress who is among the very controversial ladies in the industry,people believe,got the ordination on spiritual merits as she has changed her former way of living and took to evangelizing the gospel.

It was said that the way she does things became totally different from when she was in the world.

The mother of top music video maker,Clarence Peters equally convinced her fans that she has changed,when she stated that she is a more spiritual person than people think.

Contrary to what people think,I am a very spiritual person.I don’t joke with my spirituality she stated in a chat last year.

But as you read this,things seem to have moved to the other direction,because the actress appears to have forgotten her ordination,the promises she made to people about her new way of life and the fact that she preaches the gospel.

Few weeks back at a movie premiere in Lagos,the actress turned deaconess stepped out in public half naked.

To amazement if people who have ticked her as a woman of God,she appeared in a dark color net leggings with a short top that barely covered her backside.Sexy it looked,especially with her light skin glittering under the net pant.

People murmured uncontrollably,insisting that such appearance does not befit someone close to God let alone an ordained deaconess.


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