17Prolific movie producer and director, Chico Ejiro was born at Isoko Local Government area of Delta State. His journey to Nollywood was predestined as he never had premonition of what he would become of the profession he has chosen but today, he’s one of the big wigs who make things happen.

No doubt, everybody has a phobia, the father of four whose wife has become a source of inspiration ever since they got married has revealed his phobia-Air, and he said whenever he jets out of the state or whenever he’s in the sky he always writes his will before embarking on the trip.

“I have phobia for flying, if I am to fly tomorrow, I will lose some weight today. Before I even fly, I will drink a bottle of Red Label or Hennessey. To be candid with you, I write my will before I fly. Even to fly from Lagos to Abuja, I am dead on the plane. Most times, I enter bus to Ghana, Cameroun etc because of the fear I have for flight. I have been to America twice and I have got visa 10 times but the fear of fear debar me from honouring the rest.” He said.


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