I broke the story that Abuja based Lynn was supposedly pregnant for the actor when she was a few weeks due in 2012 and then again i broke the story of the baby's birth and also talked with the actor who was then engaged to be married.

He wasn't sure the baby was his.

A few months into the birth of her child,Lynn accused me of writing the story to favour Charles and not caring about the baby who needed a father.


I published her response to Charles where she dared him to go for fatherhood test.

I don't think that both are in contact but this is what Lynn's baby looks like .

Any Resemblance between Charles Inojie and this little beautiful Angel?

She is so beautiful and it is so sad she is caught up in all this mess.

So whats your honest opinion?

Please no cursing out,we are trying to soften things up so this ANGEL can meet her Father.

This baby is a spitting image of you Charles….the nose,the eyes…your blood strong!


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