Biola IgeBiola Ige is one of the actresses in Nollywood that has made a name for herself in her own little way. The actress who traveled to India when it was imminent that her sickness defiles orthodox medical applications was said to be at loggerheads then with sultry actress, Tonto Dikeh. The rumor then was that Tonto was fingered to have had hands in her illness.

Biola who is fully well and has returned to her normal self said she never believed Tonto could harm her because as at that time, they weren’t friends;

“I was a Hinduist before I travelled to India. I was a Christian before I changed my faith and I must tell you I have found peace in Hinduism.

And in India, I felt at home. I didn’t feel like returning to Nigeria again because everyone was so nice to me. When I was sick, there were a lot of stories flying here and there that Tonto Dike was responsible for my sickness. But l didn’t believe it because we were not even friends before I fell sick. And why would Tonto Dike want to harm me when she has made a name for herself?” she said.


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