Nollywood Stars

Nollywood and its practitioners would never stop making mountains out of mole hills. Sometimes, it’s amazing how some people reason. With the severity of the global economic crunch which has saw the closure and folding up of companies on a daily basis, this leaves you amazed at the shallow reasoning of some" Nollywoodians" who still do not see anything wrong in extravagance.

African Movie Academy Awards hosted by Peace Anyim Osigwe might have come and gone but the echoes will still be around for a while. The last AMAA, recorded a few support from corporate organizations unlike the previous ones where they always had more than enough choice sponsors to dilly -dally with and choose from.

It’s obvious that the aircraft that conveyed the artistes and artists to this year’s AMAA was one of the sponsors of the glorious event. There are reports that our so called glamorous" Nollywoodians" were piled into the aircraft like packs of cards into the economy class. Some of them were of the opinion that, they should have boarded them as business class fliers to buttress their status as stars.

Where and how has the airline embarrassed them, what is the hue and cry about? The sponsors might have probably left an instruction that they could only support with flights in the economic class. When are we going to learn to start appreciating and get our priorities right in Africa? If anyone wanted to fly on Business Class, nobody would have objected but the fact remained that, the stipends AMAA organizers provided might not be enough to fly a Business class that’s why none of them made any move to spend from his or her pocket as a support to the celebration of African talents in the make-believe world.

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