Dickson Iroegbu is an unpredictable visionary and a controversial Nollywood producer cum director who cannot stop being in the news. At first, it was rumored that the light-skinned director abandoned his family and he disappeared with his Delta State born model lover, which he later refuted.

At the other time, he was tagged a homosexual while producing his controversial homosexual film “Law 58”.

In a recent interview, the ace movie maker opens up on how he is working to bring his estranged wife back to his life:

“The truth is that we must consider the future of our children and if there is anything for me to compromise, I will do anything for the sake of my children and the best thing that I can give to my children is their mother.

If because of my children I will have to re-adjust, I will do everything for my children. I will even stop being Dickson Iroegbu for them so that they will come back.

I hope she will be ready to come because I could be ready while she is not. If given the opportunity to come back to the marriage, I will come back with the person that she now knows that I am.

I think that I presented a false Dickson to her, when she could not cope with it, I made her realize that I will also present the real Dickson.

Any woman who cope with the real me is my wife, I don’t know how to pretend and I don’t want to do it.”

When asked; what if you don’t succeed in reconciling with your wife, will you consider re-marrying, he said;

“I am not searching because my conscience has not allowed me to move as a result of my children.

I cannot even imagine dividing my Kingdom. I know that I Won’t end up in this manner I will become a bigger person one day and I will not want an empire that will be divided. I want to build a united empire that will uphold the value and what I believe in.

I don’t believe in polygamy but a man should not be alone, if all the conflict between my spouse and I is over and we don’t see any reason to get back together, I won’t be alone forever because I am a human being.

I pray to God to release me from the emotional trauma that will come with getting married to another woman. For now, I am still myself and I thank God that I can control myself for almost four years now.

There is no rumor about dating another person (Laughs).”


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