5IT was a livid Tokunbo Latona that left her bank in Ibadan on Thursday after a revolving security door thrice prevented her from gaining entry into the bank to transact business.

For the embarrassment caused her, Tokunbo vented her anger against a security official that attempted to rectify the situation.

The actress was accompanied by her mother to the bank that day and had successfully entered the bank only to hear her daughter call her to leave the bank as she couldn’t get in.

We sighted Tokunbo as she was trying to find her way into the banking hall to make some transactions but could not have her way as the security door denied her several times. After several denials, Tokunbo lost her cool . She also said that she was tired of the bank and threatened to close her account with the bank.

As she continued her vituperations, she called her mum, who was already in the tube, that they had to leave the bank.

“Is it until I pull off all my jewellery and pants before I can get into the banking hall? This is utter nonsense,” she said.

Her action, especially the foul language she expressed herself with, drew the attention of passers-bye and customers, which informed her mother’s decision to call on a security official to rectify the problem. After little effort by the security guard, the actress eventually gained entry into the bank.


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