1085New facts are emerging as to why pretty actress Chika may have abandoned her marriage to her hearthrob and taken to her heels in what is referred to as ‘running four-fourty without looking back’.

According to insider squealing”her case is not different from that of her colleagues in Entertainment Kefee Obareki and Monalisa Chinda. Infact Chikas’ case was worse off !”Squealed the source.

“After a series of serious beatings, she finally took to her heels after estranged hubby held her by the neck and almost choked the life out of her. No one knows what they argued about but it always ended up in beatings which the actress always had excuses to cover up for in public when asked about any scars seen. ”

Women need to lend their voices to stop this domestic violence illness which has suddenly become the punishment metted out by angry men/husbands to their wives/lovers. Some have not been so lucky to tell their stories and some abandon their homes without telling why.

Monalisa Chinda and Kefee are two women who cried out and told the world of their experiences and thus helped other less socially priveledged women seek help.

Here’s urging chika to stand up and be brave and tell the world her story. Domestic violence is a crime and it is so wrong. Only cowards and insecure men abuse women!


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