With the internal debate about the ongoing peaceful protests in Nigeria continuing, ace Nollywood producer Zeb Ejiro also waded in on the matter to expressed his views:

It might be true that what they are trying to do may benefit the Masses, but for me removing the subsidy entirely is not the right thing to do. Removing subsidy stage by stage is what they should have done. For example, cut it off a little and let us see what they do with the money, when they will be removing the other part, maybe Nigerians will not complain based on what they did with the money.

The situation here is that people do not trust the government anymore. The past government has added money before on fuel so many times, and at the end of the day, the money ended up in some people’s pockets, that is why people are complaining. There is no trust any more. But my argument is that President is not the past leader, so let us not judge him by the same scenery. I believe that at the end of the day, the president has no choice than to make the citizens happy, that is my position.

Everybody you speak to will say yes it’s time for us to remove the subsidy, but what they do not like is the way the government went about it. I want to relate it to what I said, if the government will keep to their words, that will be sacrifices we have to make.

Like previous interview I gave, there should be some kind of foundation on ground before government removes the subsidy, but there was nothing on ground. And that apart from the president being the first to cut his salary, they should cut the allowances of the Governors, Ministers, Senators, and others, so that the citizens will know that they too are taking the portion of the sacrifice.


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