image7Emem Isong alongside a number of producers in Nollywood represents the very best that the industry has to offer in recent times.

Her movies from such classics as Ëmotional Crack”, to “Reloaded” have won numerous awards and helped establish many actors and actresses as viable and marketable properties in Nollywood.

For those who don’t know this talented script-writer and producer was one of the resourceful hands that discovered the likes of Dakore Egbuson, Stella Damasus, Stephanine Okereke to mention a few and today, these aforementioned names are hot and ones of the most sought after actresses the industry is proud of.

The single mother of one child have been accused many times of fostering a clique in Nollywood.

In a recent interview,she was asked;what really informs whom you work with?Must it be Desmond Elliot,Monalisa Chinda,Uche Jombo,Ini Edo…;she said I don’t know why people say that.Sometimes you just have a certain set of people you do one thing or the other with,and you find out that these people also want to go behind the scene every now and then.They have the kind of vision that I have.

And I have employed them in the past to work for me as actors.

When we talk I realize that some of them also want to produce at some point.And it is only natural that we would collaborate.But I’m not opposed to any other persons working with me.If anybody approaches me and I feel we should work together,we do.I just finished one with Chioma Chukwuka Akpota.

So,it is not strange.I work with a whole lot of people.

Asked,many people are still asking why you no longer work with your good friend,Vivian Ejike;she said Nothing really.I don’t have anything against Vivian.We just decided to go our separate ways.She’s doing her thing.I’m doing my thing.There is no bad blood as far as I’m concerned.

I don’t have any problem with her.If she invites me to work with her,I will.


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