Free videos for upcoming artistes coutesy stigomania’s record MVP camp

Reality show is not in anyway new to the Nigerian entertainment industry, we’ve had them in various categories from music, to dance or drama but never in our history of reality shows have we had anything like ‘MVP CAMP’.

The MVP CAMP is a REALITY SHOW based on a music video production camp where 8 music videos were produced for 8 different artistes over a 14-day period by a 54-member Cast and Crew of young entertainment practitioners. MVP Camp provides exposure opportunities for professional dancers, editors, video directors, models, actors and actresses who are interested in getting exposure in the business of music videos. Cash rewards are to be won by winners also these young practitioners will get to show what they can do on a national stage.

According to Ope Banwo, the creative and energetic boss of Stingomania Group, popularly referred to as The Coach, the idea of the MVP CAMP is to kill 2 or 3 birds with one heavy stone. ‘First, we capture the reality drama, fun, fights and challenges behind the scenes of a set that has more than 50 people camped in a cramped house for 14 days while shooting 8 different music videos. ‘Secondly, we use the idea of the MVP CAMP REALITY SHOW to provide opportunities for young musicians to get free music videos that would otherwise have cost them over N1million each.

DJ ZEEZ, YAW, OBESERE, CHARLES NOVIA, SAID BALOGUN, FRED AMATA, DELE MOMODU, OMONI OBOLI, CHICO EJIRO were guests to the camp in the recently concluded season 1, that will be showing on air soon.

Plans are currently in top gear for the shooting of season 2, and unlike season 1 forms for interested participants as Musicians, Dancers, Models, Actors/Actresses, Editors, Directors etc will be available from the 1st week of October to the public.

There will be winners and cash awards in 7 different categories including best music video, best video director, best editor, best artiste, best dancer and best video actor/actress, best MVP team and best team leader. In addition to this, all the 12-musicians shortlisted from the entry forms will get a FREE MUSIC VIDEO done for them at the camp as a special prize in addition to getting a record deal with Stingomania Records.

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