OMENIGBO, an association of Igbo Actors, Lagos State chapter, has called for the re-introduction of Igbo Movies to Nollywood in order to promote Igbo language.

Speaking at the inauguration of the association, in Lagos, on Sunday, Mrs. Ngozi Nwaneto Amarikwa, Vice President of the group, noted that the event was to showcase the Igbo culture and re-introduce films made in Igbo language.

“This inauguration is to celebrate Igbo culture and also for the benefit of our children. This, we are doing through launching back of Igbo movies,” she said.

Also speaking, a director cum film producer and who is also the National President of Omenigbo, Mr. Amayo Uzo Philips, said the event is for the upkeep of Igbo language and also to change the status quo of Igbo culture.”

Amayo said the reborn of Omenigbo started from Enugu on the February 6, 2007 and has come to Lagos.

According to him, the inauguration of the association of Igbo actors started from the Eastern part of the country and now it is time for Lagos chapter to set up Omenigbo.Continuing, he said, “This inauguration is for the benefit of Igbo people both economically and socially and will also provide employment opportunity for future artistes.”

“We have decided to change the face of Omenigbo. We want to give our artists a retirement future where they will benefit from the money we make,” he said.

However, we are concerned about our children’s future, we don’t want to lose our language. So our main purpose is to extend Igbo language,” he declared.

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