Jim Iyke possibly getting married soon

Word on the street is Jim Iyke could have possibly found the woman of his dreams, and is preparing to walk down the isle pretty soon. The woman of his dreams? A Jamaican actress/model by the name of Phil (or Ketuarh).

Jim Iyke, the self proclaimed nollywood plaboy confirmed rumors of his love, saying “Yes, it is true. I have found the woman of my dreams, and we are in love in totality. She is the embodiment of all that I have been looking for: tall, pretty, exotic and supremely intelligent. I was looking for a woman who would complement and reinforce my intellectually curious mind -someone who would add and not subtract, and I’m happy to admit that I have finally found her. Her name is Phil, and I would leave it at that”

More interesting than the fact that Jim is in love with a jamaican actress is the drama that surrounds how they met. Apparently Keturah is being accused by Ruth Okoro of snatching Jim Iyke away from her, even though Ruth is married to Philips Ehigiwina. Interesting isn’t it? Jim Iyke denies having an affair with Ruth Okoro, and even goes on to diss Ruth in the process. In his words, “Ruth is not my kind of woman, and the notion that I was seeing her is totally preposterous. How could I be seeing Ruth, when she was even married to my boy, Philips Ehigiwina? She was sleeping around with Emeka Ike. I have values and moral ethos, and those values were in conflict with what I was seeing.

That was the reason I called Ruth’s husband in Texas, and asked him to come to Maryland and see what his wife was doing with Emeka Ike.

kenturahRuth was caught red handed in bed with Emeka Ike, and she knows this to be the truth. All the nonsense that was written about my alleged jealousy because Ruth was seeing both Emeka and me, were pieces of junk journalism. It is true that Ruth introduced me to Phil. I didn’t need to deny that.

I saw a winner in Phil and I went for her. I have no regrets. What Ruth wanted from me, unfortunately, I couldn’t give it to her because of the fact that I have some morals in me. All the negative things she has said about Phil never bothered me because I know who she is, and I am comfortable with who she is.” This is very interesting to say the least.

Jim also confirmed his plans on getting married, stating that he has met with Phil’s parents and vice versa. Phil has also been to Nigeria, and some discussion as to when this wedding will be have started.

I’m sure most Naija babes would probably ask “Why a Jamo babe?” Well, that’s a question for Mr Iyke. His response? “I think some of the most beautiful women are in Nigeria, and indeed Africa in general… I do have my grouse with the Nigerian woman, though. Our women often go by the dictates and symbol of status, parental influence or pedigree as opposed to substance.

I struggle hard to make them understand who I am, but I am always unsuccessful. I am tired of that struggle. I have come to realize that it is better to deal with a foreign woman.”

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