Sikiratu SindodoYoruba actress, Tayo Odueke known as Sikiratu Sindodo in a recent interview gave an insight into the untold mystery of her life, speaks about her daughter's father who lives in the UK, her current boyfriend, her relationship and other issues. On her 16 year old daughter "I had her when I was in my 20s, her name is Damilola and she is in SS3 now. She is not into acting. It happened when I was young, I had finished my SSCE.

I was home then, it just happened. He was not my first but my second. When I told him, he claimed responsibility. The last time I saw him, my daughter was a year old.

He lives in the UK. He used to come sometime ago but not anymore. It has not been easy being a single mother, but I always have time for my daughter.

I am so fond of her, she is more like my sister."

On the best relationship she has ever had:

"I am in a relationship now and it has been the best so far. The guy I’m dating right now is cool. He is very nice, I love him very much.

When I was ill, he stood by me. Anybody that knows about me, knows him. He has brought me much more closer to God. I am close to God but he has drawn me closer to God. He is just fantastic"

She speaks about her tattoo and made it clear that it wasn't for her boyfriend.

"I just have a crown on my back. I have the picture of a crown and I inscribed ‘amazing grace’ beneath the crown. I don’t have anybody’s name on my back.

I did not do a tattoo for my boyfriend. I did it for myself."

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