miss-nigeriaNineteen-year-old Oluwadamilola Agbajor is the reigning Miss Nigeria, the beauty pageant resucitated by the former Most Beautiful Girl in Nigeria, Nike Oshinowo-Soleye. Agbajor shares with Ada Onyema her journey to stardom

How did you find the screening and training sessions?

Well, it was fine and challenging. We were asked a series of questions and I was very happy that I made it to the finals.

You were in London then; how did you come about the pageant?

Yes, I was holidaying in London when I heard about it. My friends in Lagos sent me a message and the address of the website and I registered for it.

Has being a beauty queen on your mind for a while?

Being a beauty queen wasn‘t my dream, but Miss Nigeria is a different pageant that I really wanted to be a part of.

What do you think really stood you out among those that contested the pageant?

I can‘t really pin-point a particular thing that stood me out because all the girls were brilliant, beautiful and smart. I think it was just God‘s favour.

How do you feel being Miss Nigeria?

I feel very honoured being Miss Nigeria because I never thought I could make it to the finals. It was a very competitive pageant; it was God‘s favour that I eventually won. Now, I have to be treated like a queen. Everywhere I go, I get lots of attention which I never got as an ordinary person. It feels so good being a queen.

As a student, how would you combine your studies and your duties as a beauty queen?

Well, I’m going to multi-task by going to school during my tenure.

Aren‘t you foreseeing any challenge?

So far there has been no challenges because school has not resumed, it has been fun; moreover the Miss Nigeria team will help me and make it work.

As Miss Nigeria, what legacy would you like to leave for others ?

At the end of my tenure, I would like to be remembered as a young girl that came in, took the crown and made a difference. I would like to be remembered as a young girl that helped people of her age to know that they can actually acheive their dreams; whatever they set their minds to do can be acheived if only they are focused and determined.

What was the first thing that came to your mind when you were being crowned?

I was very happy. I was full of praises and thanksgiving that God really wanted me to be Miss Nigeria; full of praises and thanksgiving to God. I was very humbled and honoured to be crowned Miss Nigeria because I never thought I could ever make it.

Many people registered for the pageant. Were you threatened by a particular constant?

They were all great because they were all beautiful and smart. It was hard to say this is the person that was going to win; everybody was a threat.

Did your parents support your participation in the beauty pageant, even as the only child ?

Yes, my parents and every member of my family gave me their full support because there was a voting session and they were all there for me.

What would you miss being Miss Nigeria?

I will just miss going to places unnoticed; the celebrity part of it is that I will miss my privacy

How would you utilise your tenure?

I hope to visit places, meet people and learn different cultures.

We have had cases of people abandoning their old friends just because they are celebrities. Would you still keep your old relationships?

Yes, of course! I think my real friends are those who stood by me when I was a nobody. Now that I am Miss Nigeria, they will remain my friends, though there is room to make new friends.

We have had beauty queens embarking on some pet projects. Do you have plans of engaging in one?

Yes, my pet project is going to be building youth centres; to keep children and youths off the streets. It is all about engaging them adequately in activities. There will be different sections in the centres to enable them exhibit their God-given skills and talents like singing, acting and whatever area they are good at. The youth centres will help them explore those areas to help them achieve their goals in life and become better citizens.

How do you intend to achieve all that?

With the help of the Miss Nigeria team and God.

What is your kind of style?

For me, it is comfort first, then simplicity. I dont like being overly dramatic. I love wearing heels and if Im not wearing heels, I‘m on totally flat.

Did anyone in particular motivate you to participate in the beauty pageant?missnigeria2

I consider Agbani Darego as my role model because she was very young when she won the Miss World crown. That taught me a great lesson that no matter my age, I could actually do what she did. I was 11 years old when she won the Miss World pageant and I was very happy and honoured to see her the day I was crowned.

Do you have any beauty routine to keep fit?

Well at my age, this is very natural; I don‘t have any beauty routine.

You have a boyfriend?

No, I don‘t.


One of the reasons for such is that considering my age, I think I‘m too young for that and also I really don‘t need one now. I still have more time to make the right choices.

Certainly as a beauty queen, it is expected that you will have advances from the opposite sex. How do you intend to cope with them?

I have learnt to turn them down nicely whenever they make their intentions known by telling them that I‘m not ready for a relationship now

When do you hope to get married?

I have not really given it a thought because I think I have a lot of time ahead of me. I don‘t have any particular age in mind but at the right time when the right person comes; things will fall into place.

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