Ngozi-Ezeonu-2Ngozi Ezeonu is arguably one of Nollywood’s mainstay actresses that has provided the versatility a burgeoning industry needs for different roles whenever she was called upon. In a recent interview, Ngozi expressed opinion about life, career and family in general.

Tell us about you?

My Name is Ngozi Ezeonu, from Ogbunike in Anambra State, Nigeria. I’m married with 4 children. I was trained as a journalist, but I ended up as an actress.

Could you tell us about your recent work?

That is one thing I don’t do. I rather let the producers speak about their movies. Yes, I recently finished one, but I rather will not want to talk about it.

Do your kids enjoy watching you on screen?

Yes, they do. As a matter of fact, they enjoy it a lot.

Is there any character you played in a movie that hurt your image?

No, absolutely no. I’m very choosy when it comes to scripts, because I know a lot of young ones look up to me and I wouldn’t want to do anything that will make them get disappointed in me.

I wouldn’t want to do anything that will hurt their hope on me. I wouldn’t want them to copy the wrong thing, so in terms of scripts, I’m very choosy.

Which roles are no no for you?

I cannot play nude in a movie, I don’t play romantic roles. I try not to play roles where they mishandle children.

How do you handle being a successful career woman and a mother?

It’s only by the Grace of God. I don’t know what else to say or how I manage really, but I thank God for His grace. It’s not easy I must say, but God is seeing me through.

I feel like I have seen Desmond Elliot acting as your husband in a movie?

Desmond has never acted my husband in a movie. He is too young to be my husband.

How is it like working with him?

Desmond is a professional actor. There is no other way to describe him than being professional.

Who would you say is the best actor you’ve ever worked with?

I wouldn’t say one is better than the other. Every one of them has professionally carried out their duties. I think they are all different and very unique personalities. Good actors and professionals too.

As a Nollywood Star, how do you feel about publicity?


I’m a very private person. If I’m not on set, then I’m at home. To the glory of God, I have never experienced bad press before. But I’m taking it one step at a time.

Which is more challenging for you, playing a good woman or wicked woman?

I think playing wicked roles are not challenging at all. To me, it’s much easier to play a wicked woman than to play a good woman, not because I’m a wicked, but because playing a good woman in a movie, you have to make it real. So I believe, it’s more challenging.

What is a good relationship to you, I mean when it comes to marriage?

Well, a good relationship for me is respecting one another, caring for one another, and being there for one another.

What is that one thing that can make you walk away from a relationship?

I believe there is nothing one could not solve in a relationship. But when it comes to violence in a home, that’s what I don’t like. So I think when it comes to violence in a home, yes I could walk out.

How do you handle male admirers?

(Laughs) They are fans and I appreciate then. But I know when to draw a line.

Are you divorced?

No, I’m not divorced.

What advice will you give to young couples?

I’ll tell them to know how to sacrifice. Marriage is not easy. It requires lots of patience and respect for one another. Love and care for each other.

I’ll advise them to have the fear of God in their marriage. And also to learn how to resolve their issues before it gets out of hand.

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