Omotola-Jalade-ekeindeIn the recent scientific study, especially in the area of genetics, Africa is discovered to be the cradle of mankind, the foundational base of the human species. So the African woman is the mother of humanity. How then can any one claim that the woman through whom humanity was born is not beautiful?

In some people’s mind, the idea of some specie of humans being dark automatically connotes blackness thereby ugliness. Thus, the Africans, because they are dark, they are considered ugly people. In the same vein, the African woman had often been construed and misrepresented as the inferior form of beauty. This negative impression had down through the history impressed negatively on the self image and worth of the African woman. As a result of this impact, a lot of black women are turning towards the white skinned women for emulation. For so many years, the Africans (women) had been told to stay hidden in shadow of beauty definition. But today, there is a new cause to chat on the rediscovery of the ‘black beauty.
Again take a closer, unbiased look at their skins, their kinky hair, their brown eyes and their naturally endowed physical features which were not the creation of plastic surgery and artificial cosmetic beautification. Take a look at any African country, just open mindedly observe how beautiful the women are even with the harsh economic reality. The traditional African woman does not beautify herself for mere sexual objectives as others do. She sees and respects herself as pure and sacred. Her beauty comes from her strength, both physically and emotionally.

Why have the black women of modern time suddenly lost confidence in their physical features and their own beauty standards, as God had given them?  It pushes some of us into wide varieties of perplexed imaginations.  There are a whole lot of us who still believe in the elegance of the African women as the most adorable of all women upon the earth. In this era of crazy pop culture, ask the black African woman who set the standard of beauty for her. You will see clues pointing to the white women standard of beauty judgment.  So the question for the African women today is: have you compromised your beautiful essences? As crazy as this question may seem, the fact remains that the true beauty of an African woman is gradually being neglected for some funny reasons. Throughout the world, black women are distinctive and unique. There’s this sense of naturality, an air of originality in the color of their skin and the feature of their body. In the yore, a black African woman was inferiorly indoctrinated to assume that full blown lips were ugly and nothing close to the idea of beauty. Today, lots of people of other races inject their lips with chemical in the imitation of black beautiful lips. In the yore, dark skinned implied inferiority and ugly, today, people with white skin pigments bask themselves on the sun and get their skins tanned up as a way of getting closer to being dark skinned.

Inferiority complex had made some African woman crave whiteness as the standard of human beauty. Not necessarily the truth. Naturally, the African women’s hair is kinky and different from the stretchy uncurl hairs of the white women. The idea of relaxing the hair in a typical white fashion connotes a point of lack of confidence in ones own nature. Another crazy truth is that we are all getting lost in pop westernized way of viewing and interpreting people, cultures and the world in general. Some black men, having been brainwashed assume that the feature of the black woman is not necessarily beautiful. This sort of brainwash often had succeeded in inducing vicious antipathy against dark skinned women instead of reverence for their swaying hips, curving waist, and voluptuous bust. These brainwashed individuals seem to like pale, fragile and anorexia type models which looks nothing like their mothers.

It is worthy to note that Africans are different race of people. And African women possess different and unique kind of beauty not found anywhere else. Their features are beautiful and need not to give in to the undue imitation of any race. It is disheartening these days, seeing Africans bleach their skins in an attempt to redefine their beauties. This is a display of ignorant of what greatness one has. There is mad crave for wigs and other artificial western trends in the name of modernity.  It is often a deviation from the original African standards of life and cultural inheritance.

To my African sisters, do not look to the media to find your standard of beauty, look in the mirror.  There is no one who can compare. African women are very beautiful people.

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