Budding Afro pop diva, Simi is one artiste who is gradually becoming a force to reckon with in the music industry. After the release of her   two singles Tiff and E no go funny, she is back with a mid tempo highlife song called Jamb question. The X3M artiste reveals why she prefers to tell stories with her songs.

In her words: “When I write, I try to make sure whoever is listening isn’t only carried along with sweetness of the melody, music or voice, but also with the story. I think stories are timeless. Also,when I tell a story, I know that at least, people have experienced it before.

On what inspired Jamb question, she says it is inspired by real life experiences of people. “The song is inspired by real life experiences of people. These are things that happen to both girls and guys. Some guys are more shy than others. So, instead of being straight-forward and asking a girl out, they ask questions that are either silly or funny. I’ve always found it a bit funny and I wanted to put it in a song. I am grateful to how far I have come. Anyone with big dreams is never satisfied though, because there will always be more hurdles to cross” she enthused.


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