More and more fans seem to be seeking personal relations with movie stars which often turn out awry including what you’re about to read below by a fan who sent a detailed information to Encomium Magazine;

“Hello stella, I av never miss weekly encomium cus of ur gist cafe. God will continue to bless you for ur good work in exposing d dirty tins nollywood actors and actress av been doing. Stella I have been defraud by a top Nollywood and Gollywood star. You know my friend once told me dat Jim Iyke defrauded her all in d name of giving her a Lead Role in one of d movies he is produceing I never believe her not until it happened to me recently. Stella belive me you I have enuf proof to back this claim up. I can stand here confidently without no fear to tell u dat VAN VICKER IS A FRAUD, d painful part is dat I got my poor cousin
invovled. Dis’s how it all happen.

I was gisting with my friend dat I miss dis year’s NEXT MOVIE STAR program cus of my exams but dat am going to get d form by next year unfailing and she told me y wait till next year dat he av dis top actor and producer dat can help me. I said really, I asked her who d person was, when she told me I was all over d moon, infact d excitement was overbearing.I loved dis guy, I respect him to d highest esteem and to top dat up he was my favorite actor,I love his movie like crazy to cut things short she called him and asked me to speak with him, when I heared his voice I regconize it immediately.I told him how much I loved his movies and he said tnx, I told him my intentions he said he will help but I av to pay their registration fee of#25,000. I told him I don’t av dat but he keep pushing me. See his message..

He said I sud pay it into dis account. Dir’s a\c details….2037517373,Account name:Henry UBA, after the payment I should txt d teller no to him to complete my reg then I should add him on my email:, then he send me a friend request on facebook after asking me of my facebook name. How can I doudt him when his voice is d same voice I hear on tv everytime I slot in one of his

My friend told me dat she could not afford d money so she never got back to him untill our gist came up.stella dis is d number he do use 08168394931. back to my story I told him I can’t afford to pay in #25000 as he said and he gave me till 1pm after dat he will take me unserious,I paid in #13000 and promise to balance up next week but the next morning he called me and ask me to call him back which I did and he said he have a lead role for me and he will not want to pair me wit stars cus I will b intimitated dat I should look for someone one will act as my bestfriend,dat was where I brought my cousin in and he used d same approched on her and make her pay #10000, she promised to pay d balance d same day with me.

Stella I can vow with my life dat d person I spoke with is VAN VICKER,after that transaction with my cousin he called me around 5pm an ask me dat if I was asked to seduced a man dat hate women hw will I do dat, before I forgot he asked me questions like. Can I acted romantically on movies? And I said No dat my famliy will not allowed dat and do I smoke, do I club and d same time do I drink? So dat evening he told me dat traning will start soon but he need me to send him recharded card so he can call d guy dat will bring d script.

Dat was where I suspect dat tins r not right immediatly I went to his facebook wall but what I saw der convience me d more, his pictures and dat of his famliy his wife and three kids. When I got home I called my friend and she came over I took her phone and opened d message van send to her it was d same message on my fone and my cousin.

What baffles me is that he said registration but no website to do dat on he will ask u to send ur personal details to him and ur password dat he will fill it up for you, it was to real stella and it was VAN how should I have known that he is capable of doing such to his fans milking dem dry to creat fund for d movie he is producing.Please stella investigate dis save many people who have fallen into dis trap.

Set him up with dis number I promise. u will get d truth.I know his voice, he is d same person. Wher I got more convience dat it was fraud I look into his facebuk and found so many ladies der most of them asking him y dey never hear from him again. Use your good work and save d public, God will bless u as u do dis.”



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