Susan PetersThough the name Susan Peters may not be too popular to an average Nollywood lover, but that cannot be said about those who are conversant with entertainment events in the industry. This is because the beautiful actress frequents entertainment events both in Nigeria and abroad.

Susan never missed out in any top class event that holds regularly all over the country. If she is not at such event, then it means she is out of the country for another event.

Sources divulged that the Idoma, Benue State-born actress does this so that she can be relevant in the industry. As we were told, her fortune is gradually nose-diving and she needs to show her face at events so that she could go back into reckoning. Sources swore that she is not frequent in movies like she used to do, especially after pitching tent with Emem Isong's caucus in Nollywood.

Our sources said that producers rarely call her for jobs these days, and this has become a worrying factor for her. In a bid to keep her brand in peoples' mind, she decided to frequent entertainment events, which make her still relevant anytime the video of such an event is made public.

Sources further said this was a well calculated move by the actress and that it is gradually paying off for her. The sources claimed that though Susan hasn't done many lead roles in movies, she is still a subject of discussion in the media.

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