Tuface & Annie Idibia Exactly a week ago, music star Innocent “Tuface” Idibia and his longterm girlfriend, Annie Macaulay had their private white wedding in Dubai in front of few friends and family members.

Many of Tuface’s fans could still not believe their music idol left the country that brought him fame, money and many Baby Mamas and hopped on the plane to Dubai to have his wedding.
During a recent interview with the newly wedded couple, they said contrary to peoples opinion that they chose the desert country to control crowd, it was more of a spiritual connection.

    Some people are of the opinion that you actually picked Dubai to control the crowd that day, what’s your take?

We thought of a perfect place for the white wedding and the idea of Dubai came up. I don’t know about crowd control. We just want to have the best of the moment and make sure things go rightly.
There is nothing more to it. It does not have to do with controlling the people or anything. The fact is that you can’t run away from the people. Anywhere you go, you will meet people and these people have come to celebrate with us.

    You said something about spirituality, could you shed more light on that?

I don’t want to talk about it. You guys will soon get to know, but let us keep it that way for now.
Now y’all know it’s not what you all are thinking.

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